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Cimzia not worked changing to Humeria


Well after trying this wonder drug Cimzia my body and Rhumi team have now decided it's not doing anything for me, I could of told them that 3 months ago,anyway now we are going to try Humeria ,only thing I'm happy about is its a pen injection ,How's everyone else been on this Humeria have any of you had success ? . I hope your all coping with your little life's and this horrid RA ..... Xxxx soft hugs to you all Xxxxxxx

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Well, that is the wqay I got started, first Enbrel and then Humira, didn't try Cimzia, it wasn't around then. My best effect has been with Simponi, guess I can't really complain, things still flare up sometimesw, but not nearly like they did. I'm told this is as good as I can get! No promise of remission really, the Rhuemy calls it "controlled" Psoriatic Arthritis. Hang in there, give it time, don't over-do things during this trial time! Rally important!

Best of luck!

Hope it works. I just started RoActemra (Tocilizumab) as part of a trial to taper down MTX and it's whacked my RA into middle of next year in just a couple of weeks. DAS < 1 CRP < 1 ESR 2 for last three months. No swelling, pain or stiffness. Never had results this low even after steroids. Monthly infusion only nuisance but the sub cut injection option coming soon so I am told. So don't give up hope there is life after TNF's

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