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Any tips for shingles?

I'm on steroids and azothiaprine, so when I developed right sided chest pain at the end of last week, coming from the back round to the front, I was on the look-out for a rash. That appeared last night after four days of quite bad pain.

The surgery were wonderful - I phoned at 8am when they opened and I was seen at 8.30am. Had to wait until 9am for the pharmacy to open, but now have extra amitriptyline 10mg to take at night, more codeine and paracetamol so that I can increase the pain relief and acyclovir.

It's going to be difficult to remember to take the acyclovir 5 times a day - I've set my alarm on the phone to help after spending ages trying to work out 5s into 24 hours!

I took off my bra, but it actually seems more painful without, so I've just put it back on, but more loosely. I'm a bit fed up that I'll have to fore-go my aquafit sessions.

Anyone had this and any tips on how best to manage it?

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Seems to be a lot of it about at the moment. I had it about 5 weeks ago on my lower chest area. Bloody painful, is only way to describe it. And once you've got it there's no cure so you just have to tough it out! Apart from painkillers I used calamine lotion, which helped ease the itching a bit. All the best.


there is a shingles self help group and there is lots of advice on there. Have a look. Sorry out to a conference so no time to find the address for you. It is in the UK.


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