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Hello there. After taking different pain relief tablets and steroid injections over the last 12 years I am now having a go at acupuncture for my hands, wrist, feet and ankles. Im having it once weekly. Anybody else tried it and if so has it helped ?? Im also have reflexology which I do find relaxing and soothing. It's just tthat ive got the point im willing to try anything. x

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I think that the needles really do help with many illnesses but for me anyway it is something that has to be done on a regular basis and the costs are to high for me, I hope you find some benefit from it also.



I had acupuncture just this week in my fingers and hands via hospital physiotherapist - my fingers now have the least in them than they have done for months! I have used acupuncture in the past, always with good results. I can't take anti inflammotories as I have Crohn's disease as well and currently am on Max, sulfasalazine and humid. Good luck, hope you get the benefits.


I'm a qualified reflexologist and I often work on myself to help relieve pain. I've had several clients report that they're pain has diminished following after treatments so I hope you find it helps for you. I've not had acupuncture for pain but know people who have and again they've reported it helps.


It has been intriguing for me to find that sometimes acupuncture has helped my pain, but if I'm at the beginning of a flare, it makes it worse. The last time i had it I had to ask for the needles to be removed and the treatment to stop.


Good for you! It's certainly worth a try. I tried acupuncture twice. The first time it seemed to help, the second time it didn't help but I think this may be because I was feeling quite stressed (in life in general) and the woman was quite 'rough' putting the needles in so I couldn't relax (a different acupuncturist to the first one). I think it's good to have an open mind as different things work for different people. I've been using lavender oil (mixed with sweet almond oil) to massage into my knees (main area of pain) since March and I think ?? this may have helped, I've managed to reduce my prednisolone to my lowest dose since 2010! I don't know if it's the lavender oil helping (I'm not sure, but I think I read it has anti inflammatory effects) or the fact that I take a whole 2-3 mins to actually do something for myself! Best of luck anyhow, if you believe in something and think positive I think it has a better chance of working.


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