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RA and painful fingers where all the finger joints lock on both hands, some more than others.

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Can anyone please adivise if they have had this problem and what kind of treatment did they receive? My fingers lock and I find it extreamly painful when I try to open them, this happens throughout the day and at night when I am asleep.

I would appreciate any suggestions, I am taking Ibruprofen and other pain medications as well Enbrel. Thanks Sue.

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hi ...i have the same problem...it is agony trying to open them especially in the morning..have to soak them in warm water and prise them open slowly....went to occupational therapy and the made me some splints to wear and they are great...abit strange when sleeping in them at first but so much better than feeling like my fingers are broken...worth asking for some xx

Thank you for your reply, I will see my GP to be refered to occupational therapy. I went to rhumey last week and she could see I had a problem, must admit, they have become worse since then. Many thanks, Sue

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Hello BOB here

One problem with my hands that I suffer is when I try to move my fingers they feel that they are not moving smooth, this can be caused TRIGGER FINGER. With me it does not happen all the time and in my case it is caused by the tendons etc in the hand. Some people with RA will have a roughness in the joints and this will cause the same thing.

All I can suggest is see the GP and be referred to hospital, injections may be given. So again see the GP

All the best


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Thank you Bob, I will contact my GP and arrange to try splints and see what happens. I have had individual injections in my thumbs for pain and swelling, this problem has only started recently. Many thanks, Sue

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Hello Angel

One thing you can try is a type of glove that is supplied by the OC Therapist, Compression gloves they give support at night, they are good Will go with your splints. Both do a good job as I was given both last year.Sorry should have mentioned it


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Thanks, Bob I will check about the Compression gloves too, Much appreciated. Take care, Sue

Good luck Sue , think all the ideas above are great. My OT also adds onto that hot wax baths ... Bliss !

That sounds great as my hands feel a little betterwhen in hot water. TKS Sue

I was diagnosed when I was 2, many years ago (over 50!) and had to go to physio every day, hot wax was not part of my treatment but because the staff knew me so well they let me try it - its FANTASTIC!

I will certainly ask when I see my GP to include the hot was. Tks Sue

Hi I had this problem a few months ago. I have RA and had severe tenosynovitis in a couple of fingers. My hospital consultant put me forward to occupational and physiotherapy in the hospital. It was great because I actually saw the lead OT and physio specialising in RA :)

They made me compression gloves for both hands, which really helps, I use them for work, and gave me a gel thing to use with exercises. My fingers are back to about 80% use now. I did go on a short course of ibruprofen and had gp prescribe a tummy protector for that which did help to get inflammation down. So there is help at hand, I know I was in agony trying to open door handles , flush toilet etc.

Thank you, those are the problems I have and I take ibruprofen and a tummy protector plus anti-tnf injections. I go back to my rhumey in January, but I will see my GP in the meantime when he is back from holiday. I like the idea of the compression gloves too. Many thanks, Sue

I have just seen a senior physiotherapist at the hospital who gave me acupuncture and although I have only had one treatment (more to come) last night was the first night in months I slept through the night, not waking in pain in my fingers! I have splints that I wear at work which helps. She has advised me to buy my own electronic acupuncture pen so that I can use it for pain relief as I can't take pain killers - I have Crohn's disease as well as RA and need a clear head to do my job.Good luck, hope you find something that works, not having workable fingers is very frustrating!

Thank you for your reply, I have a very good chiro who gave me acupunture for my back, I have a prolaspe disc in my lower back I also had a epidural in Sept which worked but I go back to see the specialist next week, he said I can have another injection when I last saw him. It really did work and with having a really stressful job and on my feet constantly for the last several months, I wouldn't have been able to cope if were not for the epidural. Many thanks for the information, take care, RA as we all know is so very painful.

Hi Sue, i was going through the same as you a while back, What i found helpful at the time was putting a spice jar in each hand and when my fingers curled up the jar stopped them going all the way to the palms, The grooves fit all sizes in fact i still use them as i get hit a lot in the hands and wrists, Worth a try.matt

Thank you I will try that I have plenty of spice jars. Sue

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