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You're all brilliant! Thank you x


I was having a bit of a moment last evening and wrote a post about it. Today I have been overwhelmed by everyone's kindness, support, help and advice. You really are a lovely, lovely bunch and I'm so grateful to you all.

Thank you everyone, from the bottom of my heart!

JoJo xxx

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Thank you! You too xx

So pleased that your feeling brighter xxx

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Thank you xxx

I've missed your limericks. Stay well.

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Thanks Dtech. I love writing them normally but my brain has turned to mush these past couple of weeks. Feeling more positive today though xx

Ronnie63 in reply to dtech

Dtech! You managed to get your head out of the minibar then?

Hope your new kitchen is looking good and that you can get your shed back to normal soon:-)

So pleased you are happier today. I wrote a post about 'Mtx & hair loss' & I was overwhelmed over the response, the advice etc. You take care, Rie x

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Thanks Rie xx

Kitchen coming next week. So still searching the house and garden for things to eat and drink. Long two days running a course in Manchester. Glad to be home.

JoJo,glad your feeling more positive today.xxxx

:) xx

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