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Been to see CAB for advice about being transfered from work related group to support group. Been told to ask for copy of reasons of statement from my tribunal hearing but there is a 1 month time limit to apply & its been 2 months. Wrote a letter explaing i have been too ill & waiting for advice so would they please allow the extra time. Personaly dont think things will change. XxAlison

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Get your MP involved if necessary,, don,t let them fob you of,,i,m trying to get on the support group,,and if the dwp mess me around i will get my MP to speak up for me,,,,


Hi Chrissie. What are you doing to try to get in support group. Xx Alison


Hi alibromo,

Have a look at ESA/DLA on face book, you can ask any questions and they have lots of files full of up to date info. Its a private group, so you have to ask to join and they add you to group. Let me know if you have any probs.

Vonnie x


Have a look on the Benefits and Work website. if you join you can download their excellent guides to DLA/PIP/ESA etc. and there's a members' forum to ask questions. I appealed my ESA decision - they put me in the WRAG but continued to pay me the higher rate! I filled the forms in but got my MP to write to the DWP for misrepresenting my evidence and maladministration of the system. I didn't get the apology and explanation I expected from DWP Complaints Resolution Team or Iain Duncan Smith but they agreed they had misrepresented my evidence, put me in the SG and paid me £100 compensation for their maladministration. Don't ever give up, persevere with the DWP!!!


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