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What a day Darlinks Ra Ra Ra hic

I weave my way up to the front door turn and wave at the taxi that has just dropped me off.

Whew if all the rehearsals are like that well I suppose you would like to hear how it went.

Well wbwbwbwbwbwbwbw what oh you cannot hear me silly me I thought the rehearsal were secret

Ok I will tell a little -listen carefully He is gorgeous and the way he moved talk about slinky hips and that tight little bottom.

So we walked through our routine then we paced it then practise began. wE DID IT AGAIN and again practise that is.

Now I am exhausted but kinder ready more - limbering up.

I have just opened the mail I have an appointment for Costumes tomorrow so I could do with suggestion how should we dress for the RA RA RA?

Should it be filmy nd body covering I have such a lot of body oh dear HELP

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Thanks Gins, have had a few grim phone calls to deal with this afternoon - and you made me chuckle:-}

Cece x


Bruno,the Italian style guru says less is more dearest. Filmy floaty so it wafts with your moves.


Achy Craig: think Julian McDonald needs to step in....."sequins & fringe all sparkling & flapping"