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MRI high jinks!

well hello all, I am sure I operate on Murphy's Law either that or I am cursed can't quite figure out which. I am looking forward to winning $30 million on Powerball tonight as compensation but I am not sure that will happen either. The 1/2 hour MRI turned in to a 4 1/2 hour trial as they were running 2 hours late and then as I cannot lie on my stomach for more than a minute or two due to costochronditis in my chest, I had to lie on my back with my right hand at my side in some contraption and be tied to the MRI bed and it took 2 /12 hours to do the MRI. I lost the feeling in my right hand by the time it was over hahahah at least I have lots of interesting stories to tell about my journey with RA they are in fact stranger than fiction. Pretty sure my boss won't be happy when I talk to her tomorrow as I left at lunch time and got back when everyone else had gone! So now I am about to have dinner first thing I have eaten since breakfast I could eat the legs off tables really I am so hungry.

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Heck that is a long time - even more glad I've never had an MRI now! Hope your boss forgives you - there should be nothing to forgive of course but I know this is the real world. Tilda x


yes I was shocked when I found out the time when I got out! My boss was Ok thank heavens


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