i dont usually moan but:

Here goes i've got a lot of pain today and have for about a week. I try to ignore it but its beginning to get me down.I'm fine when i get up but as a start to do my jobs ie; shopping cleaning , then cooking dinner its at that point i cant move. The pain it in my neck where the neck joins the spine and also across my back level with the arm pits, I was told tha i had spondilosis of the neck. Recently had MRI of back and was told that was oesteo. Been doc and told to take codine till i see pain management at the beginning of October. They are the main ones also have pain in hands and feet but the are normal. I cant just sit its boring so i try to do bits. So you could say its my faultso i grin and bear it. hope everybody else is pain free and enjoying the dry weather.

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Then u need to listen to your body and rest and move when needed. You might have to Internet shop or call in favours for a couple of weeks. I hope they come up with a solution.


I had a spinal op but after it they suggested pain relieving injections by a specialist and got a drug that helps nerve type pain called gabapentin , just to let u know there r things that wouldst be help u when u talk to them. Xxxx


Yes just do little bits of cooking/cleaning/shopping....don't overdo it. I've started swimming again....sometimes just being in the water just floating is a huge relief....might not be for everybody but it helps me sometimes.

Hope you get sorted in Oct, take care. xx


Thanks for all replies, i try my best and when it gets to bad i stop till the pain eases.I will see what pain management has to suggest. watching tigers play at moment. Thanks again , hope everyone is pain free at mo.



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