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Anyone else feel rough after taking Cimzia?


I had my first 2 injections of Cimzia yesterday. The nurse said I might feel a bit sick and headachey for the rest of the day. I was fine yesterday but have woken feeling terrible. I feel very sick, dizzy, weak and just not myself. I couldn't drag myself into work which I feel very guilty about. :( I had a very late night due to a family party (which I couldn't get out of), so I'm wondering if this may have had an impact? I don't cope well if I go to bed much past 10 these days! I know a few people here are on Cimzia, so I'd appreciate hearing how other people tolerated their first dose. Thank you.

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Hi fruitycake, yes I'm on Cimzia and have jsut had my 3 loading doses. I go onto the single maintenance dose this Friday. To be honest I haven't (touch wood) not had any adverse effects....not even after the first dose. I wonder if it was the late night / family party, because if I don't get a minimum of 8 hours sleep then I feel sick & exhausted & really rough.

Don't write this drug off yet, it's early days....see how you fell over the next 24 hours and if you are still not right then I would get in touch with GP / Healthcare at Home for some advice.

Let us know how you are feeling tomorrow.

Take care & big hugs xx

Hello fruitycake,

I've been on Cimzia for nearly 5 months and like Luthien I've not had any adverse side effects and it seems to be working well. However I have recently felt weak and dizzy and am currently on a course of iron tablets as blood tests showed that I am a bit anaemic. I don't think that was caused by the Cimzia, I've just been a bit under the weather.

It may be a good idea to follow Luthien's advice and see how you go over the next couple of days and if you're still feeling rotten, then seek advice from the professionals.

Hope you feel better soon.

Mags x


Thanks for the replies. The nurse did say it's normal to feel a bit yuck for a day or so but if it lasts, to speak to my GP or rheumy nurse. This evening, I've perked up a bit but started sniffling and snuffling, so I think I may be coming down with something which is bad timing!

Sorry to hear you are feeling rough. Rest TLC and lots of drinks. No experience of your drug, but send a hug.

Get well soon


Hi Fruitycake,

I had my first 2 doses of Cimzia yesterday and everything seems to be fine so far. Hope it starts working. I need to get a good sleep and rest the joints to have a good start the next day.

I guess its the lack of sleep like Luthien mentioned that's making you feel low.

Hope Cimzia does its wonders on us. Hugs

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