Off again! Leeds festival here we come!

Off again! Leeds festival here we come!

Ok so Glastonbury , hot..tick, France done, hot...tick. Leeds tomorrow and it looks like Mother Nature might be kind....tick!

Will let you know what it's like to steward for oxfam and attitude is everything on the disabled platforms when I get back! Away Wednesday till Monday, got my painkillers in tow!! Got food, got drink, got camp bed and tent, all is good,

Here we go......again!! Axx

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  • Hi A, It Looks like you have the weather with you, maybe the odd day overcast but what the heck a wee nip of wine out the juice bootle and you wll be fine, missing you already,Matt

  • Have a lovely time

  • Happy anniversary to you and your lovely hubby

  • Thank you

  • Have a great time. As I know you will :-)

  • Hi Allanah hoping you enjoy the festival as I know you look forward to these each year. Don't over do it as I know you a tendency to do and hoping you have no problems and don't end up with walking accessories as you have in the past, enjoy!! I am going to your neck of the woods whilst ur down in mine so our paths cross maybe we can arrange for them to meet in the future

    enjoy your trip cris xxx

  • Have a brilliant time Dexy and hope you don't end up in a stewards enquiry! Wish I could be there xx

  • All the best Allanah, especially the weather, and try to scope out where to get refills when that glass is totally empty! :) xx

  • Have a brill time. That glass looks like it needs more drink !!!!!x

  • you go girl..... in my best oprah voice. I take off my hat to you and your enthusiasm for life and festivals..

  • Have a great time Allanah and look forward to hearing all about it.

    Mary x

  • Wow Allanah, I'm in awe, there's no stopping you! Have a wonderful time x

  • hope it went well x

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