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Where to go from here.

Hey guys

Hope you are all keeping as well as possible, pain free and are enjoy some sun, not to sure about the high levels of humidity though, it does seem to affect me a bit, but not as much as the cold did.

Anyway just want to know if anyone is, or has had a similar problem with their work as I am experiencing now.

I retuned to work in May after my GP laid me of for 4 weeks due to fatigue, he insisted that my employer reduce my hours to help me with the tiredness . My employer eventually reduced my hours after a visit to OH, who also agreed with my GP.

Since then I have found that this has help me so much, I have gone from 40hrs to 25hrs a week , still very tiered at the end of the week but finding time now to spend some quality time with my family.

So far so good, until I was informed by my manager that he was not happy with this agreement he reckons I am not able to do my job efficiently on the new hours. I am in charge of a team of 4 and I know I do struggle with a lot of my work as most of what we do is manual labour but I do give it my best and try to complete all that is given to me on a daily basis, that which I can't do, the lads that I work with have been great, they have been a great support and help out where they can. But still can't please some people, so they are looking at early retirement, not sure how this works or what this will mean for my future pension. At 56 this is a bit of a shock after working all my life. So not really sure were I go from here, tried the citizen advice but not really much help. So any advice or personal experience would be helpful.

Hope every one has a great weekend, if you can and a pain free week to come. Be blessed.

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I had a similar experience. I was a teacher. First I worked less hours, still on full pay. Then I voluntarily went part time. On less pay. And then I asked for early retirement. I was a bit younger than you but I had to face reality and retire. It is a shock at first, but it is fine now.

The most important thing for you is to get some support. My trade union was amazingly helpful. If you aren't in a union, you could join one now. They have a lot of experience of these situations. Otherwise try and do as much research as you can. Find out what your pension will be and if you are entitled to any benefits, like PIP/DLA.

One more thought, your local Job Centre has Disability Employment Officers, and they can help you sort out what happens next too.

But don't agree to anything before you have done some research, just in case.

Just remembered, Employers have to make "reasonable adjustments" eg they could move you to a manageable job elsewhere, something sedentary, perhaps. Look it up online.

Good luck!


Like Phoebe I think it's important to get advice and not agree to anything until you're sure of things. It's possible that if you are retired for medical reasons they'll bump up your pension so that it will be as if you carried on working for the full time, so don't just agree to go without pushing for the best deal. Unions are the best help.

I ended up taking a redundancy deal, rather than medical early retirement, so not quite the same situation. But although it's a shock to stop working in your 50's, it's been the best thing I could have done for my health. I'm just miles better now and enjoying things (even with less money) thanI would have been struggling to keep working and crawling from one week to the next. now my health has improved I still do some part time work, but the reality is that it's very hard to find more work in your 50's and with dodgy health, so if you really think you couldn't cope without work then fight to get your employer to keep you on in a different way. RA can be considered as a disability so they do have to tread carefully as you do get some protection from the Equality Act. Polly


Thanks guys your advice is very much appreciated. I am in the union and they have been very supportive but don't seem to know much of the legalities, but I do intend to push for the best deal and feel I deserve it, as I have been with them for 20 years and up until RA hit me very rarely took time of sick, so do feel they owe me a bit and the reality of me getting another job at 56 is not very good. But as you have both said my health comes first. Thank you again.


Hi I had a similar experience I worked for local government for 20 years. When I was first diagnosed in 2007 I could barely stand it took me 20 minutes to get out of a chair and the pain was dreadful. I was off work for a few months then went back and at first they were very understanding. I dropped some hours and worked two full days instead I was also caring for my sick mother I then went off work sick again with depression and pain. I applied for early retirement at 55 but guess what they lost my letter. They started proceedings against me for my poor attendance and I got in touch with my union who were great and we started to try to fight back. Then I broke my hip and wrist and was in hospital for 6 weeks with MRSA. I couldnt walk for 3 months and then they had another Tribunal in my absence when they decided to finish me. I am sorry to say I gave up fighting for my rights (union man not happy) but my mother died and I was at a low ebb. Anyway thats me. So dont give up and get what you are entitled too. I really wish I had. Good luck.


Thanks for your reply.Guess what it is a Local Government that I work for, they are suppose to be good at looking after their staff, all in the past now i am afraid, but I wont give up with out a fight. Many Thanks.


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