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My Target Is To Get Back To Work By SEPTEMBER!!! mattcass

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If we can get a happy medium with my RA between Steriods, Hydroxy, Diclofenic, to cut down the flare ups then I am setting a target of going back to work in Sept , and before you all say it I am not on any strong meds everyone at home other than Fran say I have lost the plot. I have told them to put their money where their mouths are and any monies I win goes to NRAS & BLF. mattcass

6 Replies
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well good for you but you have heart and lung issues as well as RA? Is that demanding too much of yourself?,how about just a few seek medical advice x

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mattcass in reply to summer32

Hi Summer32, thank You, But I only have lung and RA issues if I had a heart problem it would be xmas before I went back to work. Hee-Hee mattcass

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Caza in reply to mattcass

Well good for you. You have to have goals. Good luck to you x

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Well good for you - here's hoping you win. My target was to win the Turner Prize before I hit 50 (you can't be nominated over 50 - how ageist is that?) but somehow I didn't quite. But I'm still on track at aiming for for a solo show at the Tate Modern - I just hope I don't have to die in order for this to come about?!

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Its you who has the health problems and it is you who determines how you treat your health.

You do what's right for you.I wish you well and i hope you succeed.xxxx

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Hi Matcass, We all have to take some responsility for our own health, I do applaud you for you for your determination, with your attitude I'm sure you will go a long way to winning through. The Best of British to you I hope you succeed.

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