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Me again

Well hello everyone. Here i am with my little laptop talking to you wonderful people. I am now three weeks without mtx. My hands i have to say are not very clever,they are swelling and sore,and the knee is crap. Thats about all i can say about that.

I have had a letter today from the hospital about the treatment that i had down there. It is going under the complaints procedure. They will go into my complaints and they are going to write and let me know the results. Also my hubby is in the union at work and they have solicitors who work for the families, and theyt have said there is a case to answer. I have ask the consultants secretary to send me a letter about what he found and how he is going to try and repair the damage that has been done.

I have the virus that my daughter has had so my throat feels sore and my eyes are watering as well.

I am here and my laptop is happy and so am i,so what more can i ask for.


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Welcome back sylvi, just finishing my teabreak at work just wanted to say hi xxx


hi nTreesha,did you enjoy your teabreak? xx



Hope you manage to get rid of that virus soon.

Will you let the same surgeon do the surgery on your knees again? I thought he messed them up the first time? Consider a new surgeon for any future operation, unless I have got hold of the wrong end of the stick?????

Wrap up warmly & take care

Sci x


Wrong stick sci,surgeon at walsgrave hospital not the eliot. I wouldn't let them touch me with a barge pole.

I have also written a stiff letter about my treatment,have told them i want the money back that i have spent on finding out what is wrong. I might actually sue them yet. Spoken to a solicitor and they say we have a case.

My virus/cold is making me feel rough, I wonder when i'm going to feel normal again.

Its freezing outside,we have just been for a meal and boy was it cold coming home.

Take care love sylvi.xx


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