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Well, my brain. I went to see a neurologist yesterday for him to tell me my brain was fine, the white marks were from a small bleed episode at some point in the past, no knowing when or why and seeing as my blood was fine for clotting factors and I don't get headaches, have one sided weakness or any other neurological symptoms then I was good to go. at least it was all checked out (good old NHS) - the neuro was quite apologetic for dragging me out there to tell me there was nothing wrong but I don't mind!

I've had my second Infliximab infusion, this time in a room with three other women so we had a right old jaw while our meds went in.

I'm down to 2.5mg Prednisolone but no joint pain has recurred so I'm thinking the Infliximab is doing its job. I do feel extremely tired all the time and a bit rough but the MTX might be doing that. I feel wretchedly sick a lot which is odd because I didn't feel sick at all last time I took it and I was on a higher dose. I've also been getting hay fever like symptoms which I have never had before.

OH is working at the Great Yorkshire Show this week, I got a free ticket for today but had to pass it up as there is no way I could do a 5.30 am to 9.00 pm day with no sleep. I'm gutted I was so looking forward to it :-( So stuck at home alone staring at the walls just like every other day.


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What a shame about the show. But hopefully you can bask in the lack of neuro worries still and enjoy staring at the four walls in a whole new way? There's no way I could do a day that lasted those kind of hours either and I'm not having infusions. Tilda x


that's such good new re clear you're jumping for joy (well maybe little shuffle hops anyway). Hope you can at least see sun outside the window even if you are stuck indoors. polly


Good news re the brain spots.. love your cat in pic, if you dont mind how old are you?., I am in my 40s, and a colleague in 20s were told we had white spots but the neurologists at my hospital who we both saw said they didnt know what they were and not to worry about it??!!, some of the consultants and I have seen neuro and rheumy at my hospital are a bit lacking in diagnostic answers!!,


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