Does anybody find that they are now more stressed now than before being diagnosed with ra?

I used to consider myself a strong person but not anymore, after battling through each day I find there's not much left for anything else let alone any extra stresses and strains.

I don't consider myself a depressed person as I always think of others worse off and its even been commented on by my rheumy how stoic I am but lately not only physically exhausted but mentally exhausted at the end of each day.

Just wondered if any others had noticed a difference also.

Is it tiredness / pain related?

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I think its very normal FridayFever. There is so much to take in about our disease and the medications that I sometimes feel I've been studying for a degree on the open university! Its exhausting coming to terms with. Fighting the disease involves a certain amount of fighting with ourselves because of the autoimmune element. I think we are all pretty stoical considering what we've been landed with. Pain is very tiring but this disease is systemic so it can take a lot more away from us than people who don't have an autoimmune disease can really appreciate. Try to be generous with yourself. X


Hi Tilda

Thanks for the reply, I honestly felt like I was losing the plot.

I think your right we don't have enough space to accommodate all the information that goes with this disease let alone any extra that gets thrown at us. Just nice to know not alone in feeling like this.



I have found that my stress levels are higher than they were when working!

For example, hubby and I bought a new item that is supposed to cook food with less fat, as he complained that he wanted some home cooked chips again. I have read the instructions and quickly went into stress mode, whereas before would have taken it all in my stride. We are in a Leasehold property and the Lessor is planning major works to the outside towards the latter end of this year and I am dreading it already as I know that I shall hit rock bottom at these major things. I had thought that all my stresses were age related but now am not so sure, if others here are finding that their levels have diminished and puts them in a spin at the drop of a hat. xx


Hi georje

Many thanks for the reply and as my reply to Tilda glad to know I'm not the only one.

I feel i know where your coming from with property repairs, been there and managed to survive that so will be thinking about you.

Lately just felt I was balancing a lot of plates and about to drop the lot whereas I would have normally coped.

Ra is not very good at the moment but didn't want to keep blaming it for everything.



I think its the uncertainty that means I have a very short margin these days. I do work and do still have teenage sons at home and I have always been a terrible worrier. But these days I always have to add the possibility of worsening RA or drug intolerances into the equation and this is what sends me into panics a lot of the time. I flew off the handle yesterday when my husband, not unreasonably, made the point that I wasn't listening to him properly - once again. I shouted that unlike him I have to plan when to take meds, which meds I need to take and which I need new prescriptions for. Plus My knees are hurting. I need to concentrate really hard - why can't he just see that and shutup!? Poor man. But that's what RA does to me. Xx


Hi Tilda

Same really, working full time in a very stressful job that seems to get more stressful by the day unfortunately.

I think if only I could get my ra under control it may make a difference but still after 18 months I still feel like a guinea pig but options are very limited currently.

My husband bless him is also a saint as he does bear the brunt of my bad days, he's suggested that the partners of ra sufferers should have a website too where they can sound off or share. Bless them xx


Aha - another problem in common with others.

I suspect that i am keeping my anxiety (about the future and whether I can go on coping with the blo....disease ) under control most of the time.

But the slightest EXTRA thing and I'm off - waking with anxiety/frustration dreams, getting things out of proportion, feeling paranoid, easily tearful and snappy. Join the club.

From time to time, I do an exercise when I write down when i have got emotionally upset and why. It always looks so trivial on paper. It helps to get me back on an even keel for a while.

Then I'm OK for a bit before something sets me off again. Then I try the positive thinking technique for a while. That works too.

BUT all the time there's this RA hanging over me....ready to take it out of me at the slightest excuse.


Hi oldtimer

Sorry to hear you feel the same but also nice to know that others feel the same and in the same boat and that its the disease and not us individually losing the plot completely.

Fingers crossed that as this disease becomes under control we may feel better rather than something else controlling us.



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