Excellent Website for Fibromyalgia Pain Relief

Excellent Website for Fibromyalgia  Pain Relief

This site arrives frequently in my email, this week it is covering "Living with Fibromyalgia" and has many sensible suggestions and advice. Hope you can try this site: Look for " Living with Fibromyalgia"

ps: Photo from son's wedding last Oct.

(lost whole stone when taking off the dress) :)

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Huh, I logged on to only to discover that based on my joints my age would be over 80! Not sure if that makes me feel better or worse given that I'm mid-50's.

Love the posh dress! Polly


Thanks for the site Loret! I did the real age test too and got over 80, and I'm 50, sob sob. But when I read the rest of the site there is a diet which looks sensible with lots of veg and fruit...coloured as suggested in other blogs, so I've printed it out and printed out the shopping list and recipes. I'll get my hubby to get in the shopping at the weekend and give it a try! Here we go....

|Looks like a lovely wedding and you look very lovely.Axx


Thanks Polly and Allanah,

That site is always full of great info, did you find the "Living with Fibromyalgia" article? It's about 4-5 pages with photos.. L.xx


I felt so much better in the heat. Good luck for the interview and hope it goes well.


hey loret great to see you, it was a good wedding i see!


Thanks, I could easily write a book about the Engagement and the following year before the big day. It was lovely, not over-done and the reception was a blast, great bunch of party animals, most over 40 :) Very unforgetable. The lovely couple live 15 miles away, yet I never see them! Both working, taking all the over-time they can to pay the bills loan off in 6 months. But we talk, or text or Facebook.


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