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Vitamins, minerals and other self help ideas.


I have been prescribed Vit D and calcium by the hospital (as RA is a risk factor for osteoporosis.) And suddenly my nails are strong and no longer flaking!

I also take fish oil capsules (as recommended by research done by ARUK), and my eyes are less dry.

And I have started to take Vit B complex to support folic acid, prescribed for MTX support, and because they help my fatigue (I think!)

What do others take and have you noticed any real benefits?

Sunshine always helps enormously, but I am in the north of England and its winter!!!

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I take fish oil, star flower oil and rosehip capsules.. I had calcium and vitamin prescribed on my request while on steroids( im not now and my nails are really strong)


Hi there,

Same as Summer, I was prescibed Vit D & Calcium when I was on steroids, because of the risk of osteoporosis from the steroids?

Not on either now. My nails have always been very weak and they still are, I think they did get a bit better when on the Vit D & calcium, I heard if your dexa bone scan is normal, you don't really need additional Vit D & calcium, would be interesting to hearing the facts on this.

Regards, Gina.


Both my GP and the Rheumatologist insist on daily Vit. D and Calcium, because of RA and Psoriatic arthritis causing eroding of the vertebrae in my spine, and the condition of my nails, tells them i need it, My nails have never been better! I can actually file them and have nails growing beyond the end of my fingers .

It is a preventative, as well as a treatment for Osteoporosis. I just swallow 11 pills every morning and let them decide where they should all go :P Loretxx


I think I might start on cal vit d support again, my nails are atrocious !


I used to take fish oils to help with dry eyes but switched to evening primrose for hormonal reasons ( don't even go there a story for another time ) I also take berroca every day which has high strength vit C and essential minerals such as magnesium and zinc etc also has B vits. And I make sure I eat bananas every day for potassium and I try and have green veg with each evening meal xxx


Way to go, Treesha!


I am doing barocca & bananas too! :)


OK, you got me..What is barocca? Same as brocolli?


It is a soluble drink of B vitamins, sort of a boost :) Probably called something else in U.S.

Ugh Brocolli :(


:) LOL It's one of those Love/Hate veggies !


True, my daughters love broccoli, I cant bare the smell or taste. Now I bought some Asparagus spears today, now thats a tasty veg. :0


OoooH OK! I love Asperagus! and Artichokes, cuz they have very similar taste. Just bought one yesterday, having it tomorrow with my baked chicken. Wish I was having company, it's always sad to make something really really good and nobody else knows it :)



My nails are dreadful I will buy Vit D and Calcium and see if it helps. Will let you know. The hospital or doctor have not suggested any suppliments to me over the last 10 years.

Sam 59



I take Vit C for general defense against colds. Vit E, Starflower Oil, Fish Oil (anti inflammatory), Green lipped mussel extract (good for joints and ligaments) and Osteofood (a multi mineral and vit. that includes calcium Vit D and soyagen and more) to guard against osteoporosis. Soyagen helps me with menopausal problems but at 63 I'm not sure I still have the symptoms, but you never know!!

My hair has always been fine so not sure of much difference with the MTX. Nails have always been strong and supple and grow like weeds but since RA has "visited" me they are brittle and break easily. Not sure what to take to remedy that. Used to take MSM (sulphur supplement) that is sposed to help hair and nails, but decided I took enough pills and eliminated that one.

My drs. pooh pooh supplements for the most part but after a visit to a nutritionist many yrs ago, I strongly believe in them for me as I have noticed the improvement since taking them.

Everyone is different and not everything suits everyone.

Lynn x


My OH takes WellMan prostate and says it's brilliant has really helped his energy levels - noticed they make one for over 50s. My GP says that supplements are unnecessary if we eat a balanced diet and get fresh air and exercise but as I've said already on the Vit D post I have seen how well my hubby is feeling on his ones and think there's a strong case for them for me too. I have started taking Vit D ones but keep forgetting to take them! TTx


The thing is, we would have to eat a large amount of the vegetables, fruits, nuts, and meats to get the proper level of these vitamins and minerals. That would be fine if we could eat unlimited amounts of everything, but such is not the case, usually.

One thing I have learned over the last 30 some years is that most physicians have had very little, if any, classes in Nutrition, and Therapeutic Nutrition. Which is so bad, as Heart problems and Diabetes are especially controlled by proper nutrition. They may hand out a sheet of paper with menus, etc on it, but they usually do not study Nutrition. L.xx


I sort of recall that Vit D doesn't come in a handy fruit or veg anyway, but we create it from sunlight. In our northern climates I think we'd have to skip around naked to get enough in winter, especially if dark skinned. And in these temperatures I'm certainly not going to consider that - even if I was prepared to inflict that sight on others. Px


LOL, Yeah me neither. Besides I am allergic to cold!

Vitamin D is so scarce in natural foods, our milk and some other dairy products are fortified with Vit. D. Still, to get the 1000 units my doc wants me to have would take several gallons a day!

So, we create from sunlight, and there sure isn't much of that around, and no you can't even get it from standing in front of your window naked, even if it is really bright and sunny at 6am! L.xx


I was more thinking of the stories you read of hardy scandanavians running around outside in the snow just dressed in gumboots. But a little box of pills is so much more comfortable :) Px


Yeah, guess we're going to have to settle for that :D


To sum up,

Vit D, calcium, Berocca, fish oil, evening primrose, starflower, rosehip, Vit C, bananas, and naked dancing outside on sunny days.

I am visiting Scarborough, we are snowed in here. I hope I am allowed my furry boots for the naked dancing, as the sun has just come out now.

Here goes,...

LOL - joking honestly!


Hi Phoebe, Just read your blog you posted about Vitamins and Minerals, I find it amazing how many people do not supplement their diets with Vitamins and Minerals.

I have discovered one that I use now that is absolutely fantastic, it's natural and completely Organic. It increases and releases ( Scientifically Proven ) the number of Adult stem cells from your own bone marrow, that travel around in your blood carrying out repairs.

I have certainly been relieved from pain since using this product.

Wishing you the best of health. johnsarn


Sounds interesting. Wonder what it is.

Having said that, lots of things are organic and natural, but not necessarily safe. eg blue/green algae is toxic - and natural. Some wild mushrooms - ditto -they can give you kidney failure.

Any chance of giving me the scientific references and peer review info?

Has it appeared in the Lancet?

And is it on prescription yet? or soon?



Hi Phoebe, I must appologise for taking so long to get back to you. In answer to your questions.

(1) Is it safe, the main ingredient known as A.F.A for short has been used in the health industry for over 20 years, and has a safe track record.

(2) Scientific Proof, The product called StemEnhance was proven to support the natural release of your own Adult stem cells! In a double blind, placebo controlled cross-over study, The study was published in the highly respected, peer-reviewed medical journal, Cardiovascular Revascularization Medicine (July-September Vol, 8, 2007 ) StemEnhance is the only natural supplement in the world proven to support the release of your own Adult stem cells.

(3) The magazine Cardiovascular Revascularization, is on the same par as the Lancet.

(4) Will it ever be on prescription, All prescription Drugs are manufactured by the big Pharma, and are petroleum based and synthetic therefore a prescription substitute would not be Organic or natural.

In 2005 there was a programe on Panorama BBC where the big Pharma companies, experimenting with Steriods to try to encourage Adult stem cells to leave the bone marrow and go into the blood, as a way to acheive optimal health.

If you would like further information we can send you a video called The StemTech Story, and a brochure explaining a bit more about the product, and testimonials.

We do not know if you are aware, that the Pope has now approved the use of Adult stem cells. The meeting was attended by our Chief Scientist Christian Drapeau and StemTech Advisor Ambassador Ray Flynn, Former 10 year Mayor of Boston.


Hi, thanks for your reply. I have looked at much of the magazine website and read your webpage.

I see that you have had (osteo?) arthritis and plantar fasciitis. And that you are running a business selling the product. Good luck to you.

However, at the moment I am unlikely to risk as much as £50 per jar on something which, on the surface at least, just looks like another collection of vitamins and minerals.

However I will continue to follow the stem cell theories with interest. A recent British TV programme showed eyesight genuinely restored using stem cell technology. But not by taking tablets. And with all the complications of immunosuppressing drugs.

Rheumatoid arthritis is complex, and solutions to complex problems are rarely so simple.


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