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Not Kept in touch much, Sorry But I dont want to be a "Debbie Downer" so I leave it

I Can Understand all You say on this I can say, I was diagnosed 22 years ago, And you have Just Told my Story, I feel Exactly as You described, to most Joints giving, Shoulder locked up, and (broke twice) within 2 years, Right Hip out, Lower Back, I am squeezed into a TINY Bedsit, i have a galley kitchen but Frame does not fit If I need surgery, Where i currently am Could fit a wheelchai, Crap, I cant even fit a chair for people to sit, IF they even do visit, I live in my bed 20 Hours a Day if not more, I cant get better like this, No room to do physio stretches, or anything else, Yesterday my broken up chest of Drawers which has crumbled apart, fell over on to me, and Plant and everything else went on top of me, Inc the Mirror, I have on top, I was Buried, No one to Help as I live alone, So i def know what u mean when u say how you feel, I most times now, Wish I would wake up, But I know that is not good thinking, I cried out for Help again, We'll see what happens, If anything, Nothing new on Housing, They offer me More Studio with steps even lol

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You sound really fed up? All I can do is say I am thinking of you Axx


Oh lisa if only you lived closer to me,at least i could see you more. If you do have to go into hospital they wouldn't be able to discharge you until suitable living conditions can be found,but i know in st ives thats nigh on impossible. Hugs to you my


So sorry you are going thru all that. Wish I could help you somehow. Ive had it for over 20yrs myself so I know exactly how you feel. Have you got a PALS service at your hospital. They may be able to help you. Just knowing & hearing from people on this brill site gives me some

strength to get by another day. Well almost. Gentle hugs my friend. Irene


I am so sorry to read your story .you need to get rehoused as soon as there no one to help you.i am thinking of you take care.1923.


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