Over cooked it!

Why do I do it? I recently went to an AGM of a kids football team I started, I am now the life president. I jokingly said if I went to their training sessions and anyone saw me trying to join in and kick a football they should wrestle me to the ground and cart me off! So yesterday was Father's Day and we went to daughters house for BBQ. And grandchildren, aged 7 & 4 said ' play football with us grandad! Just like old times, not exactly Lionel Messi, never was really,lol, but I could still play keepy-uppy and make the ball swing in the air. Oh dear! I have now just hauled myself out of bed. Hips on fire, left knee which has already had 2 cartilage ops asking what the **** were you thinking! And not able to go to work. And going on holiday tomorrow so not exactly flavour of the month with wife. So as I said. If ANYONE sees me with a football!!

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  • yes I know what you mean did the same but it was the trampoline a few weeks ago it impressed the grandkids they went to school and told there friends about it some days they see me on m/scooter not able to walk then they are told about trampoline they must think im a fake have a good holiday im of Wednesday to The Netherlands and France


  • Have a great holiday. avoid football !!!!! You would think we would learn how to pace ourselves. Also what we can do and not. Like you keep over doing things i shouldn't. Next day pain.xxxx

  • Yep been there,mine was a bouncy castle big mistake but the kids loved it & it's on film!! Have a great holiday & hope the wife forgives you x

  • Oh heck - that'll learn you for trying to show off to the gandkids eh? Tilda x

  • The people we are away with have a mobility scooter. Wonder if it'll take two? And yes it was silly tilda. But will I learn? Erm doubt it knowing me.

  • Jeez there always one lol! Have a great time away and maybe rest old guy ? remember Pacing....lol xx

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