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Struck out at cooking again

I tried to make an omelete this morning, because I was so hungry. I accidentally added way too much milk, then it wouldn't solidify so that I could turn it over, so I have some weird looking super soft scrambled eggs with red pepper & mushrooms. I realized that I had no cheese after I cracked the eggs.

I made a royal mess & dropped pepper & some mushrooms onto the floor while cutting them. I'm not sure if it was the knife not being sharp enough or my weak hands.

I also tried using a new vacuum that a friend gave me, she says it weighs so little, but I hate it. It is unweildy and heavy and not what I'm used to. It is one that sits low on the floor & you have to drag it everywhere. I like the uprights much better. I may just have to give it back to her. The only thing I like about it is the color & that the cord gets sucked into the machine by itself.

I must get shopping as I have a baby shower for some preemie twins (boy & girl) on Saturday & for food for another Singles party on Saturday night.

At least I'll look good, as I got a quick haircut this morning.

Please overlook my spelling, I've totally lost that in this brain fog.


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Oh my dear Christine! Might have whipped up another egg and added it to the "solution" in the skillet and scrambled it in. Or scramble as much as will set up and drain off the excess, feed it to the cat or dog, very healthy for them :)

You will do fine next time! Love, Loret xx


Christine, i feel the frustration that you have. Have got one of those dustpan and brush set with long handles they are light and a lot easier to handle. I have a electric whisk to mix things up and i find that very useful. Isn't life annoying when things don't go the way we want them. You have to laugh otherwise you would cry.

I hope you have more success today when you surface.

Love sylvi.xx


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