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How do you manage the constant tiredness?

I am trying to hold down a part time, (sometimes closer to full time) job, look after my doggies, do weekly shop etc. Pretty standard stuff and yet I am so tired all of the time I can barely keep up. How do you manage being shattered all of the time? Is giving up work the only answer? My consultant wants me to exercise 4 times a week and at the moment I'm just too tired to do anything.

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three words pacing, pacing and pacing.....

I find a Barocca Boost helps me a bit at the moment.

Also, Google 'the spoon theory'.

Let me know what you think of it Sara.

Regards, Gina.


The spoon theory is great, I used it to explain to my 11year old why I couldn't do as much as I'd like :) love the dog Gina...


Hi Gina

thanks for letting us know about "the spoon theory". Usefull and good to read.

sam 59


The Spoon Theory is brilliant. Such a good way to explain to anyone what it's like.

Sarah x


Just to add briefly to that, did your Consultant say about exercising because of a weight issue? Are you on steroids? Does your Consultant have RA? the cheek, do as much as you feel able.




Your right is it very difficult to hold down a job and maintain a home when worn out all the time, I used to get home and pass out on the sofa, some evenings couldn't even be bothered to make myself a cuppa and as for housework.... well that got done whenever I felt up to it, that's where living on my own was a blessing.

It's about finding a balance which suits you, work, rest and play in small doses and sadly, medication is not the be all and end all, we must exercise as part of our therapy to maintain mobility as long as possible.

Hope your feeling better soon.

Beth xx



i think a good walk with the dogs would be good exercise anyway.As Gina said it is just a matter of pacing yourself.I used to work F/T.I've now cut down to 24 hrs and find it much easier to cope.As for housework just do the basics -it will still be there tommorrow(unfortunately)Do you have family around? Maybe they could help out too

Julie xx


I Do 25 hours now about right for me.. my work stressful and busy. some times even 25 hours seems too much but on good days I could work more.. the disease is never static is it!, I get very tired too x


Try the 20 mins, no more nap. You feel refreshed not wasted.

I do tai chi and have just started mindfulness meditation and these make me feel much clearer. I need to get out more but I can hear the gritters out in the street now which isn't a good sign

And like we all say pacing. Even if I ironing I'll have a couple of wee sit downs during a long session



Hey Sarah,

Sorry to read your struggling. Please get your Iron levels checked.. I too was OUTRAGEOUSLY KNACKERED and found out that with RA sometimes comes Anemia.. and I had become very Anemic.

So now I take iron sulphate daily, and this has improved the tiredness considerably.



Thank you everyone. I really appreciate your help and advice. It does help knowing other people are out there. I will get my iron level checked. Gina, I am on steroids, varying between 5 and 20 mg. been on prednisone for 3.5 years now and I don't think that helps my weight either! I am right on the edge of being overweight.


Hi WiseSarah,

I work 3 days and have 2 children, my RA is under control; I started the gym a few months back and although I find it hard some weeks finding time I have noticed a difference with fatigue, it has built up strength now in my muscles and has taken that strain away, It has made me feel like I have some control and it has been especially great for stress!

Don't get me wrong, it's the last thing I want to do tonight but I know afterwards I'll feel great again :) x


I think the spoon theory is great too. It's all about pacing but I'm the same as others, I overdo it sometimes then have to rest for 3 days!!! I now plan my week a bit more carefully to make sure I have some space and gaps! And if I go London for the weekend for visit my daughter I make sure the beginning of the next week is clear.

We had a family meeting and I explained what I needed help with and they all volunteered to do different jobs for me, which has been great. Also good for them all to take part in the running of the house.

I also do the shopping online and make sure it is delivered when someone is in to put it away! Planning all meals ahead also helps, so there is no last minute stress of what to have for tea.

I did have a cleaner too, but at the moment, I am now managing to clean the loos (as noone volunteered for that one!!) and keep the place tidy. Others do the hoovering and cleaning the bath.

I think it is very hard to explain the tiredness to people, but we also need to look after ourselves and make sure we keep something that we enjoy in each day.

Hope you work out a good balance for yourself. I do find just sitting on the bed reading for half an hour does help amazingly.


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