To Hell with it !

To Hell with it !

I feel as though my life has been on hold for months now.

Diagnosed RA, adjusting to the shock of that.

3 months off work, lot less social contact as I live alone.

Prescribed MTX which made me ill for a lot of the time, then suddenly taken off it as it buggered up my liver enzymes, weekly blood tests which I'll hopefully hear the result of tomorrow.

Dental abscess from Hell on top of 'normal' pain, with no pain relief due to liver enzymes being raised.

More than all of that though has been my mind set which has been pretty negative at times, feeling as though all that made me 'me' and all that I loved doing had been taken away from me.

So to Hell with it, I'm going to take a chance and go away in my van with the dogs from Friday till next Wednesday, I'm having a new bathroom installed with a walk in shower instead of a bath, I can only imagine the mess and hassle if I were here.

If it hurts if I do stuff, and hurts when I don't then why not take a chance to do something I'd really like (normally)

Kinda scared in a way of being stuck in a campsite unable to move...but that's only the worst case scenario, and scared has never stopped me doing anything i'll take my walking stick which I'm usually too vain to use outside, cos nobody knows me there. I'll only go about an hour away to a lovely site in St Neots Cambridgeshire so that if the worst happens a friend can come and rescue me.

Woo hoo, going on an adventure : )


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  • Yay!!....go for it ......x

  • Have a fab time xxx

  • good on you Moira. I do the same as it hurts if I do and hurts if I dont. So what i do is plan for all eventualities, the what ifs and who on the campsite to call if you have problems. Are you with the RAC or someone who will get you home if you cant drive, not advertising but they have a disabled plan where they come and help you very quickly and help get u back home.

    A break will do you good getting away from the four walls.

    ~Find out the docs number near the site and maybe even contact the rheumy helpline for advice, they might be able to give u a steroid but maybe not with your liver trouble.

    Great idea about the shower whilst r away. and an hour is not too far to go. adventure looming so have a great time, remember your pills!!! and dont worry about the stick, its just to help you getting too sore, why not use it.

    you go girl , ... if you can lol xx

  • Yay, thank you all for the encouragement...I've had enough now of sitting around... What's the worst that can happen ? (Oo err, that sounds like the beginning of a disaster movie lol) xxx

  • not having enough petrol to get their

  • a change of scene may help x

  • Love your spirit of adventure - if you get completely stuck there's always an ambulance or friends. Builder mess is always the pits so go away and look forward to walking into a lovely shower when you get home.

    I travelled on my own down from Orkney to Bristol this time a year ago and flared up when I got back to Edinburgh. I had some great adventures which still make me smile when I think of them today - including borrowing and old lady's zimmer frame so that she could sit down and I could stand up on the bus! Tilda x

  • If you need help at st Neots, message me as I am about 30 minutes away. Been to that site several times and nearby ( fishing). Have fun.

  • If you need help at st Neots, message me as I am about 30 minutes away. Been to that site several times and nearby ( fishing). Have fun.

  • If you need help at st Neots, message me as I am about 30 minutes away. Been to that site several times and nearby ( fishing). Have fun.

  • Sorry flipping iPad duplicating posts again!

  • It'll be great..

    Before I got RA I was fiercely independent, but one thing I've learnt from having to ask for help from time to times that people are generally really lovely, and I've met wonderful people that I wouldn't have had I stayed stuck in my Ms Independent shell. And if they're not you just bop them on the head with your walking stick! Have a brilliant break. Polly

  • go for it go for it im going to pitlockery on the 19 this month on me own and bugger it he who dares wins i hope.

    regards john

  • Yay I made it. Journey wasn't too bad, it was only an hour. Driving a old vw with no power steering is no picnic but the pleasure I had in getting away made up for that.

    Practically crawled out of the van on arrival and decided to walk the dogs too oxen up a bit. We only did about half a mile but that seemed to do the trick till I sat down again.

    So far seen herons flying over, wee bunnies running round the site, and hand fed some cheeky ducks who came right up to the van!

    I'm so pleased that I made the effort, although it might be a slightly different story after sleeping on a put down rock and roll bed tonight :-)

    The weathers lovely for me, wee breeze with sun flitting in and out of the clouds.

    I'm away to buy my tea at the visiting fish and chip van, no cooking for me tonight :-)

  • For oxen, read loosen...stiff fingers small keyboard

  • Good for you Moifoi.

    I can taste the freedom on the breeze. Oh for a campervan. (with power-steering though).

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