4.30 am

I've been kept awake by a pulsing pain in my pubic bone of all places. Googled it & RA came up straight away as a cause - previously blissfully unaware that I had a joint there! Maybe it was caused by my argument with the greenhouse - thought I'd got off a little too lightly!

Pain has gone now but I'm no longer sleepy so I wandered out into the garden which I suddenly noticed looks gorgeous despite my neglect of it, in the cool dawn light anyway. In fact everything seems okay at this time of day - I feel quite unreasonably happy! Hope you are all sleeping soundly. Luce x

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  • Hope it stays away for you. I read your green house escapades, very energetic of you to try and climb over things. I can hardly lift my feet high enough to get up gutters so would never even attempt that! Hope you are over the worst of your injuries now. I love mornings apart from the pain, I love the quiet and listening to the birds waking up, but not the 19 y old demented cat who keeps forgetting 5 minutes after eating that I have fed her. Sheesh!

  • There's something about RA and 4.30am...I often find it has a little scamper round my body at that hour, and puts various joints through their paces.. But luckily I find that usually it wears off again and let's me sleep for a few more hours. I love the early mornings in summer, before it all heats up - but we have the cool damp mornings, but have yet to get the hot mid-afternoons. Polly

  • I had something similar a while ago - but mine was twitching and would ache and go hot just there! It was so weird. Then a few weeks later it started vibrating on one side and that was truly disturbing! I did put it down to RA because my outer hips were giving me jip at the time. Poor you - yes probably the horrible fall - but as your garden can look lovely at 4.30am independently of you at least you can trust it to make its own way with only the odd, gentle nudge. Xx

  • oh dear woolly.. hope it get better.. I got some great relief on saturday see my blog..but I guess IT MAY NOT help every body and it does cost.. she moved my hips and pelvis as aprt of my treatment.. it is not aggressive like chiropractic treatment which I had years ago x

  • Hi Luce, it's a lovely time of the day and I notice it more when I am camping, it's the best time to see rabbits and deer too. I spent time instructing hubby what to do in the garden yesterday and it's looking better for it today, but here it's cloudy so far, so hoping the sun burns through soon.

    Been up early as its history gcse today and painter coming so I am tired already!

    Hope you get some better sleep tonight and no more extreme gardening please. Xx

  • Thanks for replies all. I hardly ever get pain bad enough to keep me awake, let alone to propel me downstairs & pelvis seems okay now. I've been thinking it was time to reset body clock & get up earlier anyway ..... maybe not quite that early! x

  • Hope tonight is better for you!!

  • I think of the two of us I had the more peaceful night - no tacky doors here! x

  • Xx

  • you where lucky with the green house frightens me to death glaSS

    hope your feeling better from that fall

  • I thought I was the only person who finds glass scary! But since that accident quite a few people have said they feel uneasy in their greenhouses, & not just wobbly people either. I feel fine now really, thanks. Achey pelvis was hopefully a one-off. x

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