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Suspected Rash from the sun.. Leflunomide, planquil, sulfasa and pred

Hi everyone.

I am on the above meds, although this week I stopped leflunomide (but know it takes time to come out of the system) due to side effects and no results after month5. (Itchy areas that get hot, wheezy, hair loss are main ones I experienced)

Now that the sun is shining, I seem to hve a horrid itchy rash on the exposed areas, had anyone else had this with any of the meds is my question?

I love the sun and was fine with it last year on just the sulfasa and planquil, so am sure it's the leflunomide but its a constant guessing game.

Am due to start humira next week. Sitting in doctors now as pharmacy couldn't help with the rash and dreaded mention of leflunomide and rheumy away.


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I think any of those meds can make you very sun sensitive. If two of them were OK last year it might just be that the third made it a bit too much and kind of pushed you over the edge, or that little bit more has now built up in your body and its too much.

Try getting a really high factor sunscreen (one designed for children might be better) and see if that stops the rash. You might need to keep out of the sun until its gone down a bit first though. Also take photos of it for reference and to show the rheumatologist later.


ThAnks for your reply. Yes I will have to sit in the shade whilst it calms down and leflunomide leaves my system :( doc put me on cetrizine for my Hayfever and said it should help with the rash too. Also have aloe Vera gel to soothe it for now. Fingers crossed i don't have to sit out the sunshine to long but I will def. be getting a high factor sunscreen!! :)


Hi, all the time I was on Sulphasalazine my skin - body and face was covered in yukky itchy prickly heat in sunny weather. Didn't even have to go outside - sitting by a window in indirect sunlight could do it! I persevered with it as I am not a sunbather anyhow and the Sulpha was working well, but just walking around in it even with SPF50 still brought the reaction. I never tried Sunsense Australian sun lotion but understand it is excellent and it is what dermatologists recommend. ;-)


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