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I am new to this site, I want to say my heart goes out to all with RA. 2 years ago when i was told i have RA it seemed my world changed...pills/shots/swollen hands and fingers, sick from Methotrexate...Enbrel .....still taking 8 metho per week plus 1 enbrel per week...

I am doing "ok" and learning each day how to better cope with this..i have learned that my mental state of mind is more powerful than i thought...dealing with the ups and downs, learning how to accomplish task in a different way....feeling blessed when i see someone with worse issues than my self sometimes gives me strength.

Stay strong and hold your self up high.

14 Replies
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Welcome to the site, you will get a lot of advice and support on here.

Judith xx

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Hello and welcome x

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Welcome to our lovely group and a better group of people you will ever meet.xxxx

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Welcome Farley, you have lots of lovely friends here x

welcome to our site x

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Wise words. Sorry you've had to join us but welcome x

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Hi there and welcome to the best place to come to if you are feeling a bit down or just for a bit of FUN. I was told that I have RA 3 years ago now and yes it can be hard to cope some days but I just say (well they cant take away my smile)

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Hello and welcome xx

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Welcome. Have found this site to be invaluable.


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Welcome, the people on here are amazing and so supportive xx

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Welcome to our happy band of people xx

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I echo your sentiments exactly. I felt the same when diagnosed and have also discovered how much mind over matter works. Just like you I feel blessed when I see people worse off, my neighbour has RA in spades along with Osteoarthritis, Osteoperosis and other conditions!! So I have to feel lucky. It is important to concentrate on what you CAN do and not what you can't and this website is a big help with advice, hints and tips and general support.

Stay positive, don't let the disease control your life - you control the disease.

I am on 10 mtx a week and sometimes feel nausea the day after, ginger helps, in form of tea or just sprinkle it on cereal. Luckily I don't have any nasty side effects except that and feeling dog tired!

Oh, and sunshine helps!!!!

Lynn x

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Thank you all very much.

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I too am newly diagosed and as a physiotherapist, recently retired, it is not new except to me on a personal level... I too was devastated but trying to be positive. I am soon to be prescribed Metho and was reading that folic acid can help, has anyone any experience of taking this please? My GP is messing around, as I wAs told I may wait more than 6 weeks for an initial (fast track - haha) appointment and so I paid up oout of my meagre savings and saw someone privately. Now the GP says he cannot prescribe the drugs recommended because I am not under a Rheumo locally, so I am STILL waiting to see someone in the NHS. Meantime the clock ticks and it worries me that I need to be on the DMARDS sooner rather than later to have an effect on the disease process. Maybe I am worrying unnecessarily but the problems seems to go from joint to joint almost daily and if its lower limb, I cannot walk easily, upper limb cannot function with my hands.. seems pretty rapid and vicious to me. Is this anyone elses experience?. Also I had Viral Meningitis in 2009 I do wonder if there is some connection with the damaged immune system? Sorry so many questions, I apologise, just been chewing it over and have no answers I suppose. Thanks for being there all of you.

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