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New Happy Year

I was watching the Charlie Brown New Years special today and saw this (above) and loved it. I want to have a new Happy year too. I have faith that it will be better than 2011 was. (I had a tough year-losing my job, job hunting, physical/mental/social trials & or losses, etc).

I have found a great many more friends on this site, who understand too, so 2012 is already better by far. Thanks everyone!

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Glad your here tinwoman.I know how it feels to lose your job,i lost mine in nov. 2009 and i haven't worked since. Have you manage to get another job?



Happy New Year Tinwoman. Sorry to hear you had such a bad one last year.

If you don't mind me asking, was the job loss a result of your medical condition or economic factors?


Hi Genuine, I think my brain fog & changing hands were the main factor-so I made errors, and the rest was that my boss didn't like me & didn't even believe that I had RA. Also, starting in 2005, I had surgery for my hands/wrist and as it turned out-a surgery every year since (except for 2010), so I was an insurance burden and I had seniority in my office. I was in the same dept for 16 1/2 years. They just wanted me out once & for all.


Happy new year tinwoman 2 I also hope you have a better year.

I think with the problems with money and lots and lots of pain last year things can only get better, for me.


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