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A little clean-up

Yesterday the weather gave us 68, so I walked around the lake. I hadn't been exercising for over a week as my walking partner was sick, so I took it slow and had a good time. Today I feel so good, exercise helps me so much, my brain mostly. I went walking in the mall this morning w/ my friend too.

When I got home, I made waffles. I ate 2 and burned the last one. Afterwards, I rinsed off all my dishes & filled the dishwasher. Somehow I got into a bad habit of stacking my dishes beside the sink instead of putting them straight into the dishwasher. I must change that habit.

Hopefully, after an appt at noon, I will clean my bathroom today. I have a friend coming over & I've let it go for way too long. As it's just me, I can do that-although I shouldn't. I'll have to get Dad to open the cleaner though, I hate those pinch & turn lids.

Have a great weekend, everyone.


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mmm waffles.. maple syrup? xx


I wish, Summer. I was so hungry that I just put a little margarine on & then just picked them up & ate them. I burned the last one when I was writing my blog.


A brilliant snapshot into your life on the other side of the Atlantic thanks Tinwoman. 68 would be about the temperature of an average day in summer for us here in Orkney. Keep walking whenever you can - I find it helps me loads too! TTx


Oh to have a warm day like that in january. I would welcome that sort of day right now. Good on you tinwoman. you go girl.xx


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