This weeks rheumy review

I went for my combined rheumatology/dermatology clinic this week to check out the rash/inflammation I get on my hands. Waited over an hour for my appointment only to spend a few mins with the consultants. I showed the dermatologist a few photos which she said were really clear and made diagnosis very easy. I have vasculitis which is related to my ra.

So an hour and ten mins at the hospital to b told there is nothing more they can do and therefore continue as I am and come back in 6 months. Think thats a good sign.

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  • Well that sounds a bit startling to me (a diagnosis of vasculitlis I mean) but I guess it's a good sign if that's what you felt it was - is it what you were expecting to be told perhaps? I guess if you are already taking RA drugs then when the RA is better controlled the vasulitis will be too. Is that how it works? Take care, Tilda xx

  • Hi Tilda, I had been referred to joint dermatology to check for erythromelalgia. I think vasculitis might b the nicer of the two. I was only in with them a few minutes. They agreed between them that my dosage of mtx should get my ra under control which would then improve the vasculitis. Then to b told not to come back for 6 months made me think it was a better diagnosis. But I was bit shell shocked at the time so all questions went out the window.

    Guess time will tell if its gd or bad news.


  • Your ears must have been burning. I was thinking last night I havnt seen you post for a while Tina. Hope you get things sorted.

  • Haha, that must b what prompted me. Work has been busy recently with all the other lecturers that teach my students off sick so ive been covering and thus marking and lesson prep from home. Only 6 more weeks of official class time left for this year tho so just got to get through that and I will b back bloging :-)


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