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No Smoking Day
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I’ve quit nothing, but gained so much

its with delight, and after oooh so many attempts to quit, I feel quite calm knowing I just don’t smoke, of course and without doubt the very early days, of needing to smoke any time any where, like hanging out of the bed room window, blowing smoke out, for it only to come and smack me back, indeed, the time I pretended not to smoke, and hid my stash, in the garden, I was what you might say a day time smoker ( who was I fooling) got a bath before other half arrived home, and numerous others, for example when I couldn’t buy the brand I smoked, no other would do so walked another mile just to get my brand ( again they are all as bad as one another, how silly was I) or the time my sister was in intensive care, I crept out for a smoke, ( how silly was I) knowing her life hung in a balance. But you see I was a addict, that’s what addicts do, we do strange things to get our fix.

Oh yes the feeling of embarrassment when someone knows you smoke, now that’s another topic all together.

For the most, apart from the odd reminder in my little head to smoke, i can truly say, every day life continues, with ups and downs, but I just don’t smoke, and as yet I have never ever heard any one say ooooh I wished I still smoked , have you?

Just keep going, that’s all just keep going, life will become easier it will.

So I’m blessed I’ve quit nothing that matters, and gained many things that do

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I tried to hide it too! Bwahahaha❗️So many sneaks. Double washing my clothes. When i finally confessed & Rabbi says, "i think i already knew that" my brain immediately began scanning for what id missed. O how we fooled ourselves. A great reminder of silly days Tracey, i needed that!

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I tried to hide it from colleagues and clients by all sorts of ridiculous routines too. But my stupidest trick has got to be cutting the tops off the filters when I was only able to get my usual brand in 'lites', just so they would taste stronger. How desperate was that!

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