No Smoking Day

No smoking day 273

Hi all, its my 273rd day of smoke free

and it feels like i m in heaven, Want to thank god for giving such strength and now want to live healthier and stronger for my parents and family. I am 25 and i smoked for 9 years, but finally i quitted successfully with god's grace and will never smoke again. I just want everyone who smokes to quit as soon as possible or else time will not stop and when something tragedy happens then stopping smoking at that time wouldnt help. I am keen to touch three figure mark of 300th day.

Thank you, Stay healthy,Stay positive.

My Whatsapp Number 8160337051. Tata....

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Welcome VamsySasha and congratulations on 78 days quit. Keep up the great positive attitude. I quit cold turkey almost 2 years ago and best decision of my life.....

We look forward to reading your progress :)


Sure mam..I have quitted finally and i m never going back to that stuff again in my life. 😀

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Congratulations, that is wonderful. I am at 31 days after over 40 years of smoking. Stay Strong!


Welcome to our community MAB5 and congratulations on 31 days quit, that is great! Perhaps create a new introductory post and share your story with the rest of the crew!

Below is a link to pinned posts that may be helpful, we look forward to reading your progress :)


Thank you! I will update my status! Love this community!

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