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Remember me 😅

Hi everyone

Not posted on here in forever but a quick update on how I'm getting on, I will be 2 years smoke free on 28th December 👍🏻 not going to lie I had many attempts, finally stopped and chewed Nicotine Gum for what felt like months and months. Anyway I'm now completely nicotine free have been for well over a year, turned 40 last January & took up exercise class I now go 3 times a week & feel great. I still crave occasionally but I eat healthily (well reasonably) & probably been the fittest I've ever been since I was a teenager. For everyone struggling if you'd told me 2 years ago what my life would be like now I would have laughed 👍🏻

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Ah Jess9 , so great to hear from you and your success in your new wonderful life. Thanks for sharing it and such an inspiring and encouraging update.


Well done Jess9 - very encouraging post ;)


Great post Jess9 - thank you for sharing!


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