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No Smoking Day
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137 days

Well like my subject says.. it's been 137 days since my last cig. I know it's been a while since I've posted but trying to live a peaceful life. Well my peaceful life got disrupted today by the dishonestly of my ex-husband when he had to appear in front of court. Long story short he threatened to take me back to court for custody. The other person I once was would have lighted up a cig, but the new me remembered the power I have for myself and didn't stoop to his level. My point is this life is going to throw curve balls at you when your doing well. When you get a low blow don't stoop to there level and remind yourself you can beat it.

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Hey Gatorrulz78, its great to hear from you and what an excellent motivational post for our members to read if struggling at the moment, as you so rightly said, life does throw curve balls on a daily basis and we learn to cope and deal with just as a non smoker does, well done on overcoming a very difficult one you are dealing with at the moment, wishing you continued strength - keep in touch, we are here for you :)

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Keep strong, you are doing great under this very difficult time :)

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