Taking it day by day

Hey Ya'll! Well, yesterday I attended my niece's birthday party which is our excuse for a family reunion. Had a blast, but also chewed so much gum and bit my cheeks so much it hurt. There were a few smokers there plus my parents who smoke back to back. I can usually stand to be around smoke for a few minutes, but it was like a steady stream of smoke in the air all day. I guess maybe that was why I was chewing gum like crazy. I only thought of smoking once while I saw the people blowing smoke out their mouths and remembered that this time last year I was puffing away alongside them at my niece's party last year. I stayed busy having fun though so it all worked out. I got in the shower last night and thanked God for keeping me smoke free for another day. It is so scary thinking about ever smoking again b/c I've come this far. I just wanted to share my weekend experience with you all. Have a blessed Sunday :)

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  • Well done SheenaL - these family occasions get easier for each one you go through :)

  • Well that really is a huge achievement. I'm not surprised you got through so much gum, it must have been difficult. Well done. You have cleared another hurdle.


  • Well done Sheena..you can be proud of yourself..!!!!

  • Thanks y'all!!

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