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No Smoking Day
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41 Days smoke free

Hi Im Debbie and 41 days smoke free..... I smoked 42 years end up in emergency room juy 3rd couldnt breathe turned out to be double pneumonia..... my last cig was July 2nd..... needless to say was released and sent home with prednisone. anitbiotics, and o2 at home,,,,, that did it for me and my smoking,,,, never again,,, still off work,, starting to feel somewhat back to myself.... my Dr has me off for a few months,,,, I work in a busy clinic and she wants me to fully get my lungs healed before I go back into the steady stream of patients coming in with colds etc..... am so happy I quit,,,,, the past few years have been bad with steady bouts of bronchitis,,,, never had pneumonia before I thought I was safe being I had the pneumovax vaccine??? Quit cold turkey.... still having the odd bad day,,, but I come on this site,,, and also remember how it felt not to be able to breathe..... am a little scared of going back to work,,,, dont wan to catch this again,,,,, thanks for hearing me out..

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Hello and welcome sable2005 (Debbie).

Good to have you with us.

Congratulations on your 41 days smoke free. I quit just over a year ago using an e-cig but there are plenty of others who quit cold turkey as you have. I think that there is nothing quite like a health scare when it comes to motivating us to do something! If it helps, we have some pinned posts on our homepage with loads of useful information.

You have done really well so far. If you have the odd bad day please feel free to post on here as much as you need to. There are lots of us here, all at different stages so there is usually somebody around to help. 😊

Keep going strong. 😊😊😊


Well done sable2005 - you have joined a great community here that gives really great support, help, advice and encouragement :)


Sable... welcome and hearing your bad experience I can only be thankfull that I was able to stop...Certainly not nice not to be able to breath...!!.

Debbie, Yes you smoked a lifetime as well and something should give with all those daily chemicals..Luckily our bodys is full of forgivness and rapidly healing itself given the opportunity...!!

Strongs aqnd hope you will be back to normal soon !!


Huge welcome to our community sable2005 and congratulations on nearly 50 days quit now!

I too quit cold turkey almost 2 years now in September and due to me waking up in the middle of the night coughing and not able to breath, said there and then, enough is enough and smoked half a cig and stumped it out. If I continued to smoke I likely would have developed COPD, pneumonia or much worse.

Have you gone back to work yet? You will be grand I promise, think of it like starting a new job and a new healthy you smoke free, post anytime, just to let us know how you are getting on, it really works wonders just typing here to share good and bad days - we are all on the same journey...


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