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Hi everyone! It's been a while since I posted. I'm feeling so much better now. Im so glad I quit, it's my 45th day, crazy huh? It's been hard and I'm undergoing neccessary voluntary major changes in my life. Right now, not seeing my bf for a couple of days and keeping distance to internalize and process these changes. Quitting is not just about stopping smoking, it implies so much more! Have you had to change your life in order to manage your emotions in a healthier way, too? What did you do?

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  • Great to hear from you Lula-kig and delighted you are doing well. The biggest thing I think that I changed in my new healthier and smoke free life was that I got braver and found a new inner strength, I no longer hide behind the crutch of Mr Nico, and have so much confidence in myself, my abilities - I honestly don't think I would have the confidence and courage to do what I have done in the last year if I was still smoking.

    Brief summary of my last year, I was made redundant last August working in an office job for the last 20 years. I have a passion for cooking and baking and decided to follow my passion and go back to college to do a Professional Cookery course, it finished there 2 weeks ago and it is the happiest I have been in years for the last 10 months which has been commented on by numerous family members and friends.

    I also got a puppy at the end of February, and if you knew me personally I am OCD and would not have ever dreamed of getting a puppy, but Charlie has brought so much joy into myself and hubbies life and wouldn't be without him now. I cook and bake everything from scratch now since the course and we are the healthiest we have been in years, actually make my own homemade favorite food Pizza's :P

    You are so right to take time out and be kind to yourself as this quitting journey is the best gift you are giving to yourself and your body :)

  • Lovely to read Roisin, well done!!

  • Happy belated 45th Lula!!

    I get what you are saying!! I had some intense therapy last year as I've had some really heavy stuff happen in the last few years. One of the things to come out of therapy was the fact that I was very controlled by my ex and his family and that I needed to take back control.

    Giving up smoking kept coming up and my therapist explained that is was about me regaining control in every form and the last big thing controlling me was smoking!! So I decided to stop for both my physical and mental health.

    You are doing an amazing job of staying quit and taking control. It's lovely to feel your calmness reading your post.

    Well done Lula, you're amazing x

  • Well done jobm1 , you are definitely on the road to success and no turning back, congratulations :)

  • Big smile Roisin. A big part of my success so far is this place and all the support and tips and all. Makes a huge difference! ☺️

  • YES! Both of you have been such an inspiration for me. I'm glad I found this site! In me I have the will to change and regain power, it's been really hard and now my mental health is my number 1 priority!

  • Definitely agree with prioritising ourselves. We are all doing brilliantly and it can only get better ☺️

  • Lula...You are doing Gr8... You took complete control...and huge words from Roisin "the best gift to yourself and your body" Well done !!

  • Thank you guys!!! Hope we are all doing great! Grey Sunday in Uruguay, they are hard days, aren't they? I'm kind of happy because I feel I'm heading to better places and times, totally optimistic, thanks a lot, really!!!

  • That's so lovely... yes those days are hard!!! Sometimes it's like walking on clouds, let's hold on to those times lovely 😊 x

  • Thinking of you... 😊

  • Hi there! Been doing fine but it's still so hard sometimes!!!! I still believe I've lost it sometimes. how are you doing? In 10 days I'll be 3 months free! WOW

  • Hi lovely, Fantastic!!!!!!! Oh gosh yes!! It's really hard sometimes. I keep thinking, just the one but it's an illusion!! Ha!

    That's absolutely brilliant Lula. So good to be smoke free... I wish I was biscuit free too hahahahahahahahahahaha!!!

    Finding it a bit hard at times like you are but I'm in it for the long haul.. stick with it because you're doing brilliantly!


  • Truly difficult! How did we get here? Wow, I must say I have had really bad days but it's kind of different now. I stopped counting hours and days and started counting weeks and then months. Is it six months in total, is that the goal?

    I'm 10 kilos overweight! :O Heheh but I don't care, no smoking ever again, how hard sometimes really really hard!!

    Thanks for always being there!!

  • I think we got here through sheer will!! And we finally, finally, love ourselves enough to stop!!!

    Oh Lula I'm gaining weight all the time but f**k it, we can lose weight!!!you're right about not counting hours any longer! Good point, I don't either. Six months, I'll see you here because we're doing it!!!

    It's the best place I've ever found, the best people, here is where I come for support and I'm never let down x

    Thank YOU for being there too. And, well done to us!!! Xx

  • The fatter we get, the easier it will be to roll over for a visit :D hahhahaha

    Terrible, we must start exercising! :)

  • Hahahahahahahahahahaha hahahahahaha I just nearly wet myself laughing!!!!

    Yes!!! More exercise, less biscuits!!!!

    I lost the will to do anything for many weeks after giving up smoking but just started exercising again.. but I'd rather have a piece of toast hahahahahahahahahahaha xxx 😂😂😂😂

  • Yes, same here! Spent too much time sleeping or crying or watching sth ... I heard exercising should help but I think overeating is a minor issue and we must celebrate, at least by eating a lot! What I do now is that I share, I buy sth and invite everyone to have a try, hehehe :)

    We will be fine and celebrate the 6 months, we are doing it :O

  • You're absolutely right!!! Celebrate....... takeaway hahahahahahahahahahaha 😂

    We are the very best we can be lovely lady xx 😊

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