Wow!! I can't believe it has been 4 weeks today since I gave up those awful tar sticks!!

Even though it has been hard at times, I am actually surprised at how quick it has gone (there's hope for everyone if I say that - patience has never been a strong point of mine lol :D )

I'm keeping my smoke free journey / calendar busy with a holiday to Portugal in May and a new (used) car in June!!

It's a good job I'm planning to succeed as I couldn't afford to smoke anymore - I'd be on the streets...

Hope you are all doing well and a special mention to debsmcphee who has had a particularly bad time of it lately (thinking of you).

Catch you all again soon - maybe on the ONE MONTH MARK ON THURSDAY!!!!

Btw - Quick question - how is the one month calculated: 30 days, 31 days, calendar month?

Mel :D :D :D

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  • Congratulations Mel! That's a fantastic achievement :) Lots to look forward to is the best plan :)

    Thanks for the mention too. I was 4 weeks on Saturday apart from my one blip which is gutting but I am still chuffed. Thanks for the support.

    Onwards and upwards for us both :)


  • You're welcome hun - and put that 'blip' out of your mind completely now... 4 weeks on Saturday hey? You are now officially my quit-buddy and I'm here for you..

    Yes, indeed, onwards & upwards :D x

  • Amazing! Well done 😊👍🏻

  • Brill well done

  • great quit Melf123, I think its a Calender month, I know I got super excited at 4 weeks only to be told I was 5 days to early for my one month😵😵 but just means two celebrations this week!! 😊

  • I like your style nettynoono - thanks :D

  • Nice one!

    Well done to you!!

  • Hey melf123 - congratulations on your first big milestone of 1 month smoke free! I have you down as your quit date 13 February, can you confirm for your shiny new badge that I am just polishing for you :D

  • Hi RoisinO1 - thank you - I feel good today and didn't even bother with my morning Champix so down to just one in the evening and tbh can't say I noticed a difference... I will be on my guard tho for Mr. Nic making a surprise appearance at ANY time - don't worry, I've got this!

    Yes, my last cigarette was on 12/02 so first full day of quit Monday 13th Feb. Cheers me dear.

    How'e Charlie doing by the way?

    Mel :D x

  • He is doing great, was hyper when we got home this evening, toilet training improving day by day - just realizing the phrase 'a wee pup!!' and how attached you can become to a pet - only have him 2 weeks tomorrow and wouldn't be without him!

  • Aww, they are amazing... I think I've told you before that I am a Special Constable with Greater Manchester Police - I have to say, I am not looking forward to my first animal cruelty case (luckily not had one yet).. I really fear for the safety of the people concerned if I ever have to get involved in that, I think they would need protection from me!!

    My dogs are like my children and mean everything to me and unlike the boyfriend they don't answer back!!

    He will get there and one thing's for sure, how can you be angry with that lovely puppy face?!

    Thanks for the shiny new badge - feeling super proud!!!!

    Mel 😍

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