OK time for a new game... this time, think of a word that is great, relating to being a no smoker, starting with the initial A...

A is for ACHIEVEMENT (all of us on here) :D

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  • B for Bank Balance (much improved!)


  • D is for Delighted (feeling from quitting!)

  • E is for energised, which is how I feel now I have quit

  • F is for flavor now that we can all taste our food again!


  • H is for Healing - our bodies!

  • independence.we found our new 😁

  • J is for JOY - not being chained to those nasty things any more!

  • knowing were wining 😁

    knowing we can help others 😁

  • L is for Loving Life (as an ex-smoker)

  • M is for MAGNIFICENT!!!!! :)

  • N is for New, (new routines, new you)

  • Opportunity for us to start again 😁

  • Playful, now that I'm not coughing and feeling crummy every day. I can play with my granddaughter. Loving it

  • Quality of life

  • R is for Resisted - lighting up that smoke!

  • s - smiling ive quit smoking

  • Today,Tomorrow ,we got this,😁

  • Never UNDERESTIMATE the power of your willpower - you can do it!!

  • v - make sure you feel VERY proud at what you have achieved and you have VERY good friends help you

  • Y is for YOU will succeed!! :)

  • YOU are a winner

    YOU are amazing

    YOU are strong

    YOU can do it

    YOU have done it

    (I'll stop now ha ha) :)

  • z - ZERO smoking which were all trying to do

  • ZERO tar ZERO nic ZERO smoke were all aiming for that congrates to everyone that are quitting and who have quit 😘 😘 😘 😘

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