No Smoking Day

The tobacco co. calling your money back

Don't give in to 4000 chemicals the tobacco. Co. put together to keep you on there sticks day and night. you have broken away from them there old lovers they cheated lied stole your life took your health money your looks bent you over in front of a crowd to hack out there poison your only remembering the good days. it feels so good to not kiss a ash tray first thing In the morning and smell that way in front of the world you are better than them stronger than the garbage can a crap you sucked in all day. your there your done your free just one more day. Keep kicking love ya all

2 Replies

hi Dp338

you have a way with words ha ha

but its all so true .

lets all keep fighting the nico demon 😈

all take care 😊

keep kicking 😎


Well said Dp338!!


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