No Smoking Day

day 8

Hi im on day 8.. first few days went ok but the last day or two im just feeling quite sad and a bit angry too.. I cant say that im having cravings..i just have an empty sad feeling. I dont want to smoke. I just dont want to feel like this. My skin is looking better already. I am eating way too much though. Craving chocolate. This is my third attempt. longest attempt lasted 15 months. Im doing this cold turkey. Had a few drinks last night. Then was feeling very angry. Normally im a social smoker. I avoided smoking but am left with this angry/sad feeling. Hoping this will get easier

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Welcome suesue14 and congratulations on over 1 week quit, that is great! What you are feeling is perfectly normal and as each day passes it will get easier, I promise. I too wrote my first post here on Day 8 as I was pulling hair out - I am now 16 months quit :)

Keep busy, lots of water, deep breathing and bit of exercise AND knowledge on what is happening are all vital in our quits

Below pinned posts that are across the way may be helpful to you along with others:

Stay close to us and post any time whenever you need to, we are in the one boat and here to help in whatever way we can :)

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Hi,, I am now on day 8, some good days, some not so good.

Yesterday, despite sitting through a difficult legal meeting, I was ok. Today, having fun with my 3yr old grandson, I woulnt normally smoke, but am having massive cravings.

Keep eating as well, which is not good, especially with Xmas goodies still about!

One day, one step at a time. When I've cracked the cigs, I'll sort the weight out hopefully

Good luck all

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Good attitude dillyd - any weight gain can be dealt with at a later stage when you are well comfortable in your quit :) Keep up the great work!


Thank you, know I can do this, but so hard!.

Really good to know someone is out there listening, when I'm tearing my hair out.

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