No Smoking Day

Not counting days/ quitting cold turkey

I don't remember the day the day hubby and self said, that's it no more, but it was before Christmas Day.

I can actually say it's been easier this time around just having no replacements than it was when I tried on those tablets the nurse had me on once. It took longer with the tablets, awful depression and I relapsed time I got off them.

It must be between day 8-10 since my last smoke...Staying away from the shops has helped the most as I know if I set foot in one I would come out with a pack....I've fell into that trap to many times.

Today has been quite rough with cravings and intense depression...Tomarrow will be better...taking baby steps one day at a time.

Breathing is easier, climbing stairs without breathlessness now, less mucous in throat with the choking feeling and sinus's aren't clogged anymore.....but fluid in the ears still present as I get dizzy often that time to clear away

Cheering everyone on that's beginning week two like myself 👍

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Welcome Pipsmom and congratulations to you and hubby for making the best decision of your life to quit - I will put your quit date as 24 December for your milestone badges. Read up as much as you can especially the pinned posts across the way - we look forward to reading your progress and post anytime - good or bad days / hours.

I too quit cold turkey 16 months ago and never looked back :)


Hello Pipsmom . Taking it one day at a time is the way to go. It will get easier for you, just hang in there.

Keep going. You can do this and we are all right behind you. 😃


hi Pipsmom

welcome to our little family 😁

things will get better 😁

just go day to day and you will soon be at a month and time will pass.

you take care 😊

keep kicking 😎

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