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29 Days

Well, 29 days smoke free and I sometimes feel like I'm losing it.

I used NRT for 19 days and then cold turkey.

I practice hot yoga daily (sometimes twice a day).

I feel like I'm having a hard time concentrating and just not getting things done. (Totally opposite of my smoker self).

I also have strange feeling in my hands and feet..they feel dry but aren't!

Any help?

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Hello jodiyogi, welcome to the forum and well done on getting to (almost) a month!

Yeah, it does that with your concentration, loads of people report it and affected me in the early stages, although to fair, my concentration has never been good.

Maybe the feeling in your hands and feet is a result of your circulation improving, which it should be doing just about now.

Have a look at this pinned post and see if anything is similar to what you've experienced.

Some of the other pinned posts may help too...they're worth a look.


Welcome Jodiyogi - huge congratulations on almost 1 month quit, that is great, hope you have a nice treat lined up for it:)

Yes, lack of concentration is perfectly normal at this stage of your quit as you are in the thick of your brain re-wiring and body healing Nozmo's likely to be right about the circulation improving that may leave your hands and feet feeling like that but if symptoms persist maybe a visit to your doctor or chemist might be worthwhile just for assurance.

I promise, things will improve but need to be patient as it a gradual healing process, lots of water, bit of exercise daily and guard up at all times.

Post anytime, we all have been there, looking forward to reading your progress :)

PS Again knowledge is key so read up as you can...


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