Ok so once again i have stuffed up...the nicotine demon has got me.....I have been sick with a cold for a week and im finally starting to feel better...its hard to explain but it was like cigarettes were like a safety thing for me, as i get rather sooky when im sick, sounds stupid i know....im on my second pack of champix and i really should be off the cigarettes by now....Please help has anyone gone thru this also????

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  • Hello! Hope you are starting to feel better. All I can tell you is that I have relapsed 3 times so far. The addiction is strong. For me, cigarettes could also be (amongst other things), a comfort. So, if I felt ill or really down or whatever, I would feel that I deserved to 'treat' myself and so would smoke.

    You need to be ready to stop again. In my experience, unless you are 100% on board with quitting, it simply won't work. It took me months to try again after I relapsed.

    Good luck. Keep trying and you will succeed 😊

  • Unfortunately im still ill and im in a little low part of my life atm...I want to do this but i feel i dont have any support at home with my family....im really struggling atm

  • Sorry to hear this. Quitting takes an awful lot of energy and motivation. If you are not in a great place right now then why not concentrate on getting better first? I know what you mean about support (or lack of) at home. My husband still smokes with no intention of quitting. However, what is lacking at home, can be found with us, here. If you need to talk\rant to somebody, you are welcome to message me. 😊

  • oh thankyou thats very kind of u...is there a way to private message so not everyone sees what im wanting to talk about??

  • Yes there is. Click on the message icon at the top of screen next to the notification icon\bell. Search for Mushen.

    Or, click on my username and click send message. ☺

  • Sorry to read carissa_1980 that you have relapsed but good news, you are on here looking for help as you do want to stop but as mushen advised there, you have to be 100% ready and determination to stop and also very strong. Read up as much as you can on quitting and addiction - stay close to us too especially when you are finding it hard..

    Look forward to seeing you back with us very soon :)

  • Stay strong Carissa... Champix is wonderful and for one or other reason it worked for me and I believed it is/was because I want it to work and maybe because an Australian nurse put me in the right direction by recommending supplementing... Somewhere the positives met and I am a very happy smoker who never wants to smoke again !!!

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