New lease of life

10-11 weeks ago I thought about stoping smoking.I was not enjoying it. I just did it ?

a few weeks past.the thoughts were one day I just did not buy any fags.

my daughter gave me a vape and I haven't looked back.

I also had my hair cut.changed the coulor.but my main point is for the last 6 week's I have not plucked my eyebrows.I want to go and have them done by a professional. ( I have had some weird looks.very untidy.hairy eyebrows ha)

that's my eyebrows. I feel a lot better even better not a smoker.

I have spent m fag money on me πŸ˜†

you should all treat yourselves

were here to stop smoking.lets spoil ourselves.

all take care

keep kicking 😎😎😎

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  • It's great that you are treating yourself.

    You are doing so well.

    Don't forget the new perfume you have too.

    The non smoker perfume - it smells lovelyyyyyyy.


  • Ah Lizzy, you bring a smile to my face every time I read your posts...

    You are doing amazing and deserve all the pampering as you have worked so hard over the last 3 months, yeahhhhh, almost 3 months! Β  Be very proud, enjoy the eyebrows treat, very therapeutic indeed!


  • Just got back home from a night out and read your post Lizzy. Made me smile.

    Love your celebration!

  • Hey Lizzy, how are you and hows things at work after the long weekend, hopefully keeping up your ray of sunshine around "the ladies"....

    Back at work just today, actually glad to be back as weird sort of Easter, weather was brutal and had 2 funerals to go to....Β 

  • hi roisin.

    one 'lady' nearly got knocked out.i could easily turned her lights off.

    she is so peed off ive not had a smoke she's on a mission to get me to smoke.

    Well I'm winning.but there more bulling.

    can I put up with them ❓ I don't know πŸ˜’

    anyway.moan over.i got headache.

    sod em

    take care 😊

  • Yes, you are winning Lizzy, don't lower yourself to them and you can put with them, you are the better person....

  • roisin

    if only. I keep trying.i do

    but OMG.there so hard work.😠

    but yes I will win.may end up jobless ha.

    sorry .i didn't sorry you had two funerals .never easy.

    weather We will get some nice weather soon.yeah

    take care

  • roisin

    I got Two more days with them.

    then I got 2 weeks off for school holidays.

    cant wait

    take care

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