Sunday blues

Hi all.

Well I hope everyone is ok πŸ‘Œ

I had brilliant weekend.but now its sun night.

Back to work tomorrow 😞

I've decided to look for new job.

If I fail its due to the two 'Ladies' I work with.

I was worried still am that they would pick on my

Grandaughter.( for those who don't know I'm a dinner lady at my granddaughter school)

They are a horrid pair.

But now I think they cant pick on her.she will tell me

And they know I can cause them trouble if I didn't work there.

Eg they don't clean.say they do but don't put

t-towels to soak in MOP-BUCKET

Don't wash 16 water hugs daily.once a week.

Loads of stuff like that.

When I complain that's when they stick together and start bi-----ing

I'm made to look stupid.

I want to slap main 'lady'

I will leave my job.stopping smoking is far more important than them

But we will see tomorrow.see if they have found

Any commonsense.or at least to keep it shut.

Sorry I'm rattling.

I shall be here tomorrow

I'm dreading it.i do need money.

But should be able to find something else

You all take care

Keep kicking 😎

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  • Oh, Lizzie, I feel for you trying to work in that atmosphere. Grit your teeth honey and act normally while you look for a new, happier job. Don't let the stress send you back to the dreaded fags.

    Good luck.

  • Hi trasha..

    I know I should stand a better person.but its hard.

    I will be fine.I will save my anger and take it out on my garden.ive a fence to bray down ha.

    Did you see your baby.grandson.he such a jealous near sun.beach etc

    No I shall be fine.said with bauted breath ha.

    You take care

    Keep kicking

    Thanks again

    Your all stars

  • Be strong


  • Hi teric.

    Don't think we've met.

    I hope you are doing well on your stop.

    I'm on my 5-6 week.mainly doing good

    Apart from bit of worry at work (as you just read ha)

    I will look at your posts.

    Get to know you.

    Thank you for your reply

    Its one place where there's always someone about.

    You take care

    Keep kicking

  • Hi Thinlizzy

    I'm on 29 days and it's going well. Mainly because I had an operation on my foot 10 days ago and I'm literally laid up while it heals. There is no way I could smoke or get smokes if I wanted one.

    Maybe it's a bonus. I don't really want one and can't see myself smoking ever again. I gave up 2 years ago and was on this site but I lapsed after 4 months. I went from I'll just have one to a couple of thousand. Not doing that again.

    Hope all goes better tomorrow, try to ride it and keep smiling.

    Take care



  • Your doing great.

    Probably very helpful that you can't get to shop ha

    But you sound as if its your time to stop.sound of determined.

    I fails a few times.but I know this time is my heart is in it this wasent last times.

    Anyway welcome to our family

    Take care

    Keep kicking

  • Don't know what to say Lizzy, really feel for you. It's horrible working with people like that but stick it out as long as you can, keep out of their way as much as possible and look for another job while you're doing this.

    You know we'll always try to help in any way we can.

    Best of luck...and you keep kicking as well.

    I can't swear on this forum so I'll just say "nil carborundum illegitimi" (Google it)

  • Ok.will do ????

  • Nazmo.

    I couldn't say my thoughts any better.


    dizzy got it yeahπŸ‘Œ

    Thanks mate 😊

  • No probs, take it easy Lizzy.

  • Hi Lizzy...Yup Monday is that day of the week especially this last week before month end....Payrolls...Production...Planning...Directors reports.....and that with my PA on leave...

    I want you to reconsider your idea of resigning your work because of two "Twats" .

    You know that jealousy makes you nasty....I definitly believe they thought you haven't got the guts to quit....Now that you are winning they want you to fail.

    The Nicodemon comes in all shapes and sizes Lizzy...Always be on the watch...!

  • Morning, many years ago I had a similar situation, and it's so horrid when bullies are allowed to intimidate and hurt people. My plan in the end after crying and crying, was indeed to find a new job, and leave. That's what I did, the weight off my shoulders was immense.

    To cause you such hurt is not right, I soooo hope you manage to get by today, I really don't know what to say, but these people don't know how you feel inside.

    Your a lovely person who deserves to be happy in the work place.

    Please keep us updated, thinking of you

  • Morning Lizzy, sorry only seen this morning.

    I really hope you are getting on ok at work this morning and feel for you as you don't deserve this (nobody deserves bullying).

    As said in previous posts, you are letting them win, try your very best to be as upbeat around them as possible and don't give them the reaction they are looking for, treat them like kids, thats what we do when they have tantrums, don't give in and they soon get tired out and stop....I know it is easy for me (us) to say as we are not in the situation.

    It is no harm to look for another job but definitely don't leave your job with nothing lined up because off "them".

    Strongs xx

  • Hey Lizzy, give us an update as soon as you can


  • Hi roisin

    Think we nearly text together.

    Did you find the site Quit support.

    Are any oldies on there.

    As you will have seen from my last post.i managed well.sod em

    Take care

    Keep kicking 😎

  • Great to read Lizzy, was thinking of you...

    Yeah, there is some names alright but don't seem to see the newbies, still on here but just no updates from them...

  • Only me again

    I did not give them anything.i just answered anything they asked.

    I had my music playing (in my head)

    Think I p--- d them off.

    I shall be doing that from now on.just a simple yes or no.with a smile.

    Seemed to work

    Thanks all

    Stress for nothing

    Take care

    Keep kicking

  • Go girl!!

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