What time is it

Hi everyone.

I was in bed last and wondering what time it is ? Say where hercu home.not in uk.

So I want to ask you what time is.

Be good to know how many different country's we have all fighting the demon Smokey

And add any good/great points about your day

A updated Daily positive updates.part 2

Roisin first posted.

All keep kicking

Take care 😊😎

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  • What a great idea, I'm just boring, so a normal day is great for me 😀

  • You have one great point

    Your not smoking . a brilliant point

    Nothing boring about that.

    Take care

  • I like this idea Lizzy!

    It is currently 20:10 here in north west Ireland and after a days work, caught the last hour or so of the lovely sunshine we are getting at the moment pottering about outside, going to make some scones and will have one with loads of real butter and warm milk before bed. Last day at work tomorrow until Monday as Thursday a bank holiday for St Patricks Day and taking Friday off!

  • Sound great.but it would have to be cream and strawberry 🍓 jam.yummy

    We haven't had sunshine in dull Leeds today.

    Its been quite cold

    If you have plans for St Patricks day I hope weather is good. And all goes to plan.

    Time here is same.8-25

    Take care

  • Same here Lizzy - very cold! Horrible drizzle coming in off the North Sea all day as well. One of the bad things about living on the coast!

  • No plans yet, I live in a small town so the parades do be pretty crap, same old same old. Surprisingly given great weather for St Patricks Day, up in 18 degrees, there is also a new pub opening up but could be messy on Thursday so might wait until Friday!

  • Whenever you get out have fun BUT no thinking of smoking.those days are gone.

    Small town.sounds perfect.but you probably think same about big city.

    We are what we are if you know what I mean.

    Take care.

    This has been fun.we need more fun ha

  • Sounds great Roisin; nice weather, new pub, bank holiday, Friday off work...and celebrating six months off the fags! It has the makings of a cracking day. Enjoy!

  • Give me coastal town anyday to the busy concrete jungle of a busy city.

    I have friends with a farm in Bempton.near Bridlington.

    Id love to live there.

    Ups and downs.but you must have more ups ha

    Take care.

    Keep kicking.

  • Yeah, not complaining too much Lizzy, it has its good points

    Nice place Bridlington, spent happy holidays there as a kid, in the olden days 😀

  • Hi everybody. Yes, its the one that fell off the horse here! I follow you all every day but I won't be posting until I feel sure(?) that I can make it next time.

    Roisin, it would appear that you are my closest neighbour. I had a drive over the mountain (TT Course) in the sunshine today and could see the whole of Ireland basking in the sun too. And Nozmo, I visit Consett and Jarrow occasionally so I know what that NE wind is like. You send it over here too.

    Enjoy your bi-annual Roisin. You've earned it.

    So proud of all of you.

  • Thanks Trasha, bit misty this morning, but always a good sign it will be a good day, look forward to seeing you back here very soon as you bring a lot of positive vibes here!

  • Hiya Trasha, glad to see you're still around...come back in, the water's lovely!! Seriously though, look forward to seeing you posting again.

    I may bump into you in Jarrow one day!

  • Morning trasha

    Nice to hear from you 😤

    Hope your feeling better

    You will return.you can stop.

    Its just not your time yet..

    It will come and you will crack it

    Tack care.

  • Tracey...Thanks and yes there is a time difference....I am living in Southern Mozambique (Africa)...It is Subtropical and we are getting almost 365 days of sunshine....Lovely hey...!!! My time zone is UCT +2

  • Hercu

    Great to hear from you

    Have your feet hit the ground.being back home after your holiday.beach sounds amazing.

    Can I say How cold it is here in Leeds.UK

    I know you can have problems with the dry heat.

    But don't really get really hot day

    Id love some very warm days

    You take care on your farm

    Keep kicking

  • Lizzy yes...will keep on kicking and good news is we have had 75 mm rain last week..Not nearly enough to break the drought but a bit of relief...The farm is battling but we are keeping our heads above the water (ironical)

  • Hi hercu

    Our lives in uk are so different.we have far too much rain.

    You cant get enough

    Its not fair really.i wish I could give you a months rain.

    And in return get a hot month.ha

    Is there any signs of rain.

    I do hope it does.

    I cant believe I want it to rain for you.

    That's so not on my wish list.if you understand what I mean.

    (last thing we want is rain in Uk)

    Anyway take care

    Keep kicking

  • 8:55 am in Romania.

    Today is great because I woke up early!

  • Morning mini (sorry cant say freak)

    How are you today.

    Romania.i hear its a beautiful place.

    What's weather like.

    Its cold here.

    Time difference is 1 hour.

    You take care

    Keep kicking

  • I'm really good, thanks!

    The weather is okay, pretty cold in the morning but it's good in the afternoon. Everything's chill and you don't have to wear a lot of layers, since it's not that cold.

    And yes, I'll keep kicking smoking's butt haha! :)

  • 08.10 here in Southern Spain. Used to live in Hornsea between Bridlington and Hull before moving to Spain. It's a great morning as I shall be having my darling 18 month old grandson for the day and I won't smell like an ashtray.

  • Morning abuelajeannie

    Sounds fantastic

    Grandchildren at the beach.

    What a great time you have.

    I'm jealous ha

    I have 2 grandchildren.there my main reason to stop smoking.

    You have a brilliant day

    Take care

    Keep kicking

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