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No Smoking Day
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Day 29 feeling good, but the dreams...

I'm now 28 days smoke free. It feels great. I had lung surgery a couple of weeks ago, and while it was rough, it would have been much worse had I continued to smoke. Yes, after 48 years of smoking, it caught up with me in more ways than one. I can't say I have much in the way of cravings at all, thankfully. However, a couple times a week I have night dreams about smoking. Last night's dream was particularly intense. I dreamt I had smoked a half a pack, but would quit again soon. I woke up and I was shaking. The dream was so real that I got out of bed and looked around the house for evidence of smoking. Of course, there was none, and I haven't smoked in the house for years. Except in that dream. So, what do these dreams mean?

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Those dreams mean you are doing flipping fantastic...that's what :)

Pretty much everyone reports them, I think it's the internal battle in your subconscious... It's your mind coming to terms with your quit.

Stay strong & speedy recovery! 😀


Hey Laurie, great to read an update from you and WOW, 29 days is amazing! It seems no time since your first post on here....

Yeah, the dreams about smoking are an ongoing occurrence for me and just had one last weekend and I am over 4 months smoke free..., my hubby who is almost 2 years quit reports dreams about smoking too now and again! The mind is a funny thing!!

Thankfully, there are only dreams and they did seem to knock me a bit when I had them as they seemed so real but have got used to it now.

Keep up the great work and wishing you a speedy recovery and happy the surgery went well :)


I had a dream a few days ago that I had a few drinks with friends and ended up smoking. Then after this I was dreaming about the fact that had failed to quit. I think it took me a while to realise that it was actually a dream after I woke up. I am now at day 14. I can make the wrong decision when i am drunk and end up regretting it.


Those dreams are quite common, I only had one dream in my previous quit, but as you say sooooo intens,

Doing fantastic, well done you


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