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I decided to quit because...

I decided to quit because I've been greatly motivated. I have an uncle who was a heavy smoker in his younger ages. He has had some issues with his lungs and doctors said that he had to quit. One day he just got up and told himself that he will not smoke anymore. It has passed almost 20 years and it is true, he doesn't smoke since that day. His strong will power motivated me much and I told myself:'If somebody can do it, I can do it, too.'

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Jmit... A very warm welcome and yes it is possible to quit and stay quit for life...

Will power is essential but you must also be prepared for a furious emotional roller coaster ride..... Depending on how long you was addicted to nicotine the quit might differ a little bit but in general everybody have the same experience ...Some more intense than others..... So stay strong and you will be smoke free like your beloved Uncle.....!


I am not as strong as my uncle, because in the period of 15 days I have had 3 breakdowns. But I will strugle and I know I will win.


Welcome to the forum Jmit,

Giving up smoking is only as hard as we allow it to be. I think the secret really is deciding that you are in charge, telling yourself that 'Yes' you can easily go out and buy some cigarettes if the going gets tough but asking yourself what that will achieve and if it's really worth it.

I've been a smoker for over 30 years and for most of those years I've been promising to give the habit up, a habit that I've got nothing at all to show for I might add.

I'm guessing you've not been smoking for as long as me in which case quitting should be a fairly easy and very worthwhile task. There will be temptation but if you really want to quit then you just tell yourself 'No' and think of the reasons why you don't want to be a slave to smoking.

I'm 7 weeks in to what I hope will be my final quit - it is getting easier but I've still a long way to go before I'm cured. If I can do it then believe me anyone can.

You'll get lots of support and tips on here so keep us posted.

Welcome onboard and Good Luck.


What do you mean by.... I hope to be my final quit????!!!!! Of course it is, me and you, we are done here!


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