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Day 23 .... Experiences

Day 23 is getting bad .....

A friend came by last night and forgot his cigarette smokes and rolling papers in my house...

Did not touch them.... but did not throw them yet....

Should I give them to co-workers that smoke or rip them apart or do you have any suggestions ?

Today is not a great day its lots of cravings day and I feel very very tired

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I think Day 23 must be a bad day.......I'm usually fairly upbeat about things, nothing's changed or happened to make me feel this way and yet I feel sad. I don't think the quit's causing this, think I must be going mad - must do something to snap myself out of it.:(

As for your friend's smoking stuff, well I would either put it away until you can give it back to him (very tempting though:rolleyes:) or better still just ditch them if you think he won't mind. I'm not entirely sure that if I was in that position I could keep myself in check but that's just me.

Try to ignore the cravings - deep breaths and count to 10. I'm not getting so many but when I do they're really strong and hard to get rid of.

Quitting does affect us in different ways and I think it's still early days. Hang on and hopefully it will get easier.


Morning Groushas,

Just ditch them, get rid of asap.

If your friend was that worried he would of come back for it all last night.

The temptation will be massive for you, worse case scenario you can give the money to your friend if they go mad but stick the whole lot under the sink!

That's my opinion anyway xxxx


Linda, your sadness is very likely to be part of the process, last time I quit I went into it very badly, and as soon as I started smoking again the sadness went. It's like my best friend died. I know that feeling too well! Stay strong because if you learn how to get through that, you will be certainly a non smoker from then on. That phase is the one I cannot go past, it just gets to me. I think the trick is to not fight it but embrace it instead, if your best friend really died. You would take the time to cry...embrace it, and you win. If you need a hug, ask for one, if you need chocolate and blankets, do please get them...whatever it takes, but don't fight it. Just say good bye to your friend and then let him go properly.


Thank you all for you comments

Cig gave them to a co-worker


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