I Bet You Started Wondering Where I Got To?

Hi Guys,

I'm still here with you!

Day 6!​

Most of the way through a week!

Today has been fine, craved once or twice, especially at the petrol station.

I've been shopping, then went out for lunch and just got back. :)

Hope everyone is nice and relaxed today?

Starting to enjoy our little group, we are all at roughly the same place in our journey. :)

3 Replies

  • ...yeah and it keeps growing, we have a few newbies today, like I say the more the merrier ;) great to hear that you are fine today. We will make it this time

  • Good on you for day 6, I am back after a five month quit and numerous ones before that, quit day is tomorrow, we can do this :)

    Must change my signature too....... X

  • Hi DonnaJ Nice to meet you and thank you for not quitting to quit...

    Stay Strong and you have joined a very nice and positive group.... Good luck !

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